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Oleogels - which one is best for my skin?


Oleogels act like rich W/O emulsions however are non-aqueous and hence free of counterproductive and irritant cosmetic additives. 

Other than the related lipogels such as milking grease (petrolatum) and W/O ointment bases such as DAC with vaseline and mineral oils as basic ingredients, today's oleogels are not occlusive and penetrate relatively fast into the skin due to new technology, use of base components that also occur in the human body and due to physiological active agents. In general they can be used on the barrier-disordered, dry, up to extremely dry and sensitive skin. Because of a lipid content of more than 90 %, they can be applied very sparsely. Thus the 50 ml airless dispensers (Oleogel K, N, R) and 50 ml jars (Oleogel Plus) are very economical and qualified for the indication-accompanying and prevention-oriented skin care (see table).
Oleogel Main
field of action
skin care
Plus skin protection +++ +++ +++ +++

cold protection,
perianal barrier disorders

K children's skin +++ +++ +++ +++

diaper rash,

N dry,
irritant-prone skin
+++ +++ +++ +++ neurodermatitis
R facial erythema +++ + + +++ rosacea,
periorale dermatitis,
+   suitable;  +++   particularly suitable

When oleogels are used in connection with the treatment of a medical indication listed in the table (adjuvant corneotherapy), the skin care should be coordinated with the attending medical staff.

Dr. Hans Lautenschläger

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