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Corneotherapy - the base of sustainable skin care


Corneotherapy presents an interdisciplinary platform where

  • skin analysis
  • cosmetic & dermatological product development
  • basic & modular products
  • skin care & skin protection
  • dermatological indications
  • cosmetic & dermatological treatments
  • qualified consulting & trainings
  • scientific documentation

are combined.

Important bases are lamellar products with verifiable efficacy. Membrane, nano and liposome technology play an outstanding role.

The sharing of information among experts, presentations and publications are additional features. KOKO GmbH & Co. KG is sponsor of the following associations:

Furthermore we refer to our publications which are related to corneotherapy.

Hereinafter you will find contributions and annotations to corneotherapy:


Corneotherapy - what is it?

Corneotherapy is the link between cosmetics and dermatology on a scientific base.
Prof. A. M. Kligman firstly coined the term "corneotherapy". He could show that the persistent...

Corneotherapy - current stage of development

Ever since Professor Albert M. Kligman defined corneotherapy the methodology has been advanced and refined1. As with many progressive concepts however the term has now reached the field of conventional cosmetics and the use of the idiom "corneotherapy" has now been exploited for sales promotions in order to offer conventional approaches with more progressive and exciting labels.  
One of the most recent marketing gimmicks was the term nano2,3 used in various ways by countless copycats until...

Applied Corneotherapy

At KOKO GmbH & Co. KG the applied corneotherapy focuses on: continuous transfer of the corneotherapeutical...

Studies on the efficacy

From skin diagnosis to the prevention of premature skin aging
The development of cosmetic treatment procedures in combination with studies on the efficacy of the products play a...

International Association for Applied Corneotherapy - I.A.C.

After the 2nd International Symposium on Corneotherapy 2013 in Germany the International Association for Applied...

Benefits of lamellar preparations for skin care, skin protection and dermatological therapies

Lecture held at the 17th annual meeting of the Society of Dermopharmacy at Mainz on March 23, 2013
 Lamellar cream bases are appropriate formulations for skin care but also for skin protection purposes due to their...

Microcosm of modular skin care formulations

Lecture held at the 18th annual meeting of the Society of Dermopharmacy at Berlin on April 9, 2014
  With the last amendment of the German Ordinance on the Operation of Pharmacies (Apothekenbetriebsordnung -...

Lamellar systems - application and limitations

Lecture held at the 16th annual meeting of the Society of Dermopharmacy at Berlin on March 3, 2012
Plasma membranes of cells and skin barrier have sub-microscopic lamellar structures that are of particular interest for...

Indication-related application of nanodispersions

Lecture held at the 19th annual meeting of the Society of Dermopharmacy at Berlin on March 18, 2015
In dermatological cosmetics1 and corneotherapy treatments2 nanodispersions are applied as modular systems3. In other...

Documentation on manufacturing - news from the galenics of advanced lamellar base creams

Lecture held at the 20th annual meeting of the Society of Dermopharmacy in Berlin on March 16, 2016
Lamellar cream bases1 modelled on the structure of the skin barrier2 are suitable for dermatological formulations3,...

Cosmetic treatments

Skin diagnosis and treatment of problem skin
Corneotherapy will define the individual skin care of the future as after skin analysis its principles are specifically...

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