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Due to their specific composition, nanoparticles have a high affinity to the horny layer of the skin and are used as transport systems which help the different active agents to penetrate the skin more easily. The capsules of nanoparticles consist of the monolayers of a certain substance that the nature uses for the basic structure of cell membranes of every single organism. This natural substance has a very complex name which is hard to spell: phosphatidylcholine.
The nanoparticles contain an oily nucleus and, due to its nature has the specific capacity of assimilating oil soluble agents, as e.g. vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C-palmitate, Carotin, the coenzyme Q10, primrose oil, wheatgerm oil and shea butter.
Nanoparticles are invisible for our eyes as well as under the microscope. They can only be seen with the help of an electron microscope. Larger particles make the watery dispersion look like an opaque or milky fluid.
dermaviduals® nanoparticles are fluid nanoparticles in contrast to solid nanoparticles and therefore do not show any adverse effect.


Boswellia nanoparticles

Care of barrier disordered skin

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Butcher´s Broom serum Plus

Toning and smoothing nano dispersion for care of reddened skin

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Coenzyme Q10 nanoparticles

Protection and care of mature skin

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Evening primrose oil nanoparticles

For skin susceptible to barrier disorders

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Isoflavone serum

Skin care with genistin and daidzin

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Kiwi seed oil nanoparticles

Skin care for reddened and irritated skin.

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Linseed oil nanoparticles

With alpha-linolenic acid for the prevention and care of reddened skin

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Phosphatidylserine nanoparticles

Care of sensitive skin

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Vitamin A nanoparticles

Anti-aging skin care

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Vitamin E nanoparticles

Skin protection and protection against free radicals

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