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Among others you find here publications about modular systems for individual care by means of base creams and active agent concentrates. Make-up concepts are referred too.


Magistral preparations - Cosmetic and pharmaceutical combinations

From time immemorial, the tinctures, ointments, creams and inunctions for dermatological applications were compounded by pharmacists on a small scale or individually prepared based on traditional folk medicine recipes. At the present time prefabricated compounds make up the majority of the products...

Modular cosmetics

Modular cosmetic products help beauty institutes earn points with their customers. Certain basic conditions should be observed when using modular cosmetics. Dr. Hans Lautenschläger explains the parameters.

Sound base - pharmaceutical and cosmetic base creams

The treatment of medical indications and cosmetic skin problems depends on how diagnosis and skin analysis are translated into an adequate therapy with appropriate preparations. Beneficial here are base creams that allow extemporaneous preparations.

Stratum corneum - from corneobiochemistry to corneotherapy

The epidermis is a dynamic system of continuous proliferation and differentiation. It mainly consists of keratinocytes, melanocytes and immune-competent cells. The stratum corneum, the uppermost layer of the epidermis is of major significance for the barrier function of the skin. The barrier is...

Using synergies - How active agents and cream bases interlink cosmetics and pharmacy

No doubt - the grey area between pharmaceutical and cosmetic skin care products is expanding. Dermaceuticals and dermocosmetics are keywords which demonstrate that the cosmetic product market is gaining grounds in the pharmaceutical field, not least because of legal claims for a proof of efficiency

Universal base creams with membrane structure for skin care, skin protection and dermatics

Although the market offers a generous supply of finished products, base creams still play an essential role in pharmaceutical preparations for the individual dermatological treatment. On the contrary: symptoms of sensitive skin, neurodermatitis and a series of other skin problems which altogether...

Self mixed

KOKO now offers foundations which are individually adapted to customers' needs. The modular system is easy to handle and does not require any specific practical knowledge.

dermaviduals - modular product systems

Dermaviduals are skin care products which are freshly prepared right on the spot in the beauty institute. This article shows how cosmeticians can prove their skin care competence by offering this individual service.

Base creams for the prevention and treatment of atopic dermatitis

According to general considerations about corneotherapy (Albert M. Kligman) the chemical composition and the physical structure of base creams play a major role in supporting the homoeostasis of the skin. 

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