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skin diagnosis


Among others you find here publications about skin diagnosis, tools and the evaluation of measurements.


Taskforce TEWL – for a healthy skin barrier

The water balance in the skin is extremely important not only for the skin but for the whole body. In the evolutionary process it was vital to survival to build up a barrier against dehydration. Keeping this protective skin barrier in a healthy and intact state still is one of the major tasks of...

Skin structure and skin care requirements - From past to future

For a long time in human cultural development, cosmetics and medicine had been considered as one discipline. About 150 years ago, with the onset of industrialisation, the influence of natural science and the identification, isolation and big scale production of chemicals and ingredients, the...

Benchmark skin measurements - a solid evidence

Measuring the skin before and after the treatment is a popular method to awaken consumer desire for skin care products. Also cosmeticians can convince their customers with facts and figures.

Layer per layer - the structure of the skin

The skin is a complicated and highly efficient organ which protects our body and adds to its attractiveness. It is also barrier and intermediate station for outgoing and incoming substances. In general, we are not aware of what it can actually achieve. If the functions of the skin are impaired,...

Sensitive skin - identifying symptoms and causes

Besides the fact that simple causes often have major consequences for the skin, cosmetic practices are also confronted with complex issues when it comes to sensitive skin. Identifying the complex problem is a major prerequisite for a causal and successful cosmetic treatment.

Skin diagnosis - based on measuring results

The precise diagnosis of the skin condition is essential for a successful cosmetic treatment as even the best product will be useless if it is not matched with the skin type of the customer.

Skin analysis - with the support of modern instruments

The skin analysis as a main component of the cosmetic treatment forms the basis for successful skin-specific concepts. A large supply of different instruments may facilitate the skin diagnosis. However, what are the specific performance features of these instruments?

Skin analysis - customer interview to complement measurements

While subjectively rating a cosmetic product the human brain processes a multitude of sensory stimuli. Though, subjective ratings and objective skin analyses taken by measuring devices are not always identical.

Instruments for skin analysis

An accurate analysis of the skin type establishes customer confidence, is the basis for a specific skin treatment and promotes the sale of skin care products. Special measuring instruments can optimize the analysis

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