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Based on its cosmetic concept (German: Kosmetik-Konzept) the Die KOKO GmbH & Co. KG offers its products to professional beauty institutes. 

Due to the individual adaptation of the products, the purchase of costly product series no longer is necessary. KOKO GmbH & Co. KG offers consultation in case of problem skin and gets in touch with experts and professional beauty institutes to solve specific skin care problems.

dermaviduals® are available at dermatological practices with associated cosmetic departments and at authorized pharmacies specialized in corneotherapeutic treatment. Please contact us for details and locations.

The KOKO team would be pleased to provide personal advice at our headquarters in Leichlingen (Germany).

dermaviduals® are exported to more than 30 countries worldwide. Most of the products are protected by patents.

Please ask us for the "General Conditions for Export"

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