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KOKO stopped the sale of aroma concentrates on 1 March 2015

Except for deodorant cream and cleansing preparations (rinse off products), dermaviduals® preparations are basically free of essential oils respectively scents due to the fact that the preparations frequently are used for the care of the damaged skin.

The former aroma concentrates of the modular system, consisting of almond oil and natural essential oils have been introduced years ago at the express request of customers in order to allow the perfuming of individual preparations in exceptional cases. Nevertheless, in its publications, on the website and in the handbook, KOKO has again and again pointed to the problematic nature of essential oils. They either contain or form allergenic components when they come in contact with oxygen and radiation.

The European Cosmetic Directive meanwhile stipulates that the 26 potential allergens in essential oils have to be declared separately in the INCI. Further 64 allergens are currently being discussed with respect to declaration (effective January 2015).

In addition, restrictions are increasing regarding the maximum concentrations of various essential oils in cosmetic products. That is to say that in order to comply with the legal regulations, essential oils as aroma concentrates have to be diluted in a way that they are no longer useful for the perfuming of cosmetic products and consequently there is no sense in adding aroma concentrates.

An alternative is to stop offering the aroma concentrates as cosmetic preparations and sell them according to the Law on Chemical Substances. In this case, they have to be labelled with hazard symbols and hazard notes. Hazardous substances, however, are not acceptable within the skin care sector.

For the above-mentioned reasons, KOKO stopped the sale of the aroma concentrates on 1 March 2015.

Dr. Hans Lautenschläger

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