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Among others you find here publications about cosmetics and dermatics for cleansing, hygiene, eye care, face care, body care, masks, packs and make-up.


Science: Skin Cleansing

Before now the cleansing of the skin and particularly of the facial skin was a quite simple act requiring water and maybe a bar of soap. Today it has developed into a scientific procedure, which is almost incomprehensible without basic knowledge in chemistry, physics and microbiology.

Cosmetic preparations against dry and tired eyes

In times of pandemics and mask-wearing, the eyes have become especially important. They radiate curiosity, conviction, enthusiasm, joy, sadness, stress – and fatigue.

Skin and skin care – physiology and chemistry in balance? * )

No chemical, only natural or biologically grown ingredients – this is a very popular attitude to skin care products today. The molecular facts behind are far more complicated when addressing the details. Actually a very interesting topic for chemical scientists and the following outline of...

Less agents for more care? Skin care with few active agents

A long-term trend in cosmetics is to pack a large number of agents into the preparations in order to improve their convenience and enhance the optical criteria. The concept of “All inclusive” includes active agents and, similar to multivitamin pills, not only facilitates the work of the...

Active agent concentrates – on the benefits of sera and ampoules

Active agents in concentrated form are a long-burning issue. Which of them are really effective and what can they achieve? Is their concentrated form the decisive factor or rather the carrier substance? Another question is what specific skin conditions can best be treated with concentrates?

Keeping an overview – What distinguishes topical medical devices from cosmetic products

The care of the skin, the supportive prevention and the therapy of skin diseases requires different products and compositions. They range from cosmetic preparations via topical medical devices up to topical pharmaceuticals. Experience shows that the differentiation between the individual product...

From creams to tonics - an overview on different types of applications

The supply of cosmetic products on the market is endless. It is difficult to keep track of the immense range of preparations - even for professionals. In addition to the different formulations there also is a large variety of types of application with all their advantages and disadvantages. The...

Studies in cosmetics - What is true?

If the question "Are there any studies on an active agent or a preparation" can be answered with „yes", you can be sure that science is involved and that there is an objective certificate for the truth content of an issue. However, can we really rely on it?

Facial cleansing - ingredients & equipment

All sorts of things end up on the skin as the day progresses - a lot of them unintentionally, some deliberately, and what then remains is produced by the skin itself. Now the question arises how to cleanse the skin so that unwanted substances are removed on the one hand and that the skin will not...

Intimate care - sensible & gentle

For quite some time now, the discussions around the microbiome of the skin also have reached the intimate body areas. It has become apparent that body hygiene and body care are not only advantageous but also can be counterproductive to some extent. Men and women alike should know about the details...

Advantages of products without water and cosmetic additives

Water is an essential substance to maintain skin hydration and elasticity. However, there are also water-free products on the market. Why is that? When are they used and what are the benefits?

Keep your eyes open - eye problem assistance

Sleepy eyes are hardly attractive, the more so as reduced lacrimation and an increased dehydration of the surrounding skin areas often are accompanying symptoms. Which cosmetic products are beneficial in this case?

Cosmetic studies

The trend in cosmetics goes towards highly effective active agents. Since the Cosmetic Directive demands for safe cosmetic preparations that are free of adverse effects, there is need for comprehensive quality control and validation of the products. A selection of quality control procedures is...

Cosmetic preparations with specific attributes

Although we live in a high-tech environment, the tendency towards spiritual thinking still is firmly established in human reasoning. The so released forces are apparent every day - just consider the global conflicts around religion and religious faith.

Lip care insights - well-tried and new lip care tips

Soft, smooth and glossy: healthy lips are quite attractive. That is why wax and pigment containing preparations and sticks have become an integral part of the cosmetic skin care routine. Some of the lip care preparations have hardly changed over time, which is quite amazing, while others have been...

Highly effective - Cosmeceuticals

When can we or should we speak of cosmeceuticals or to put it another way, cosmetic ingredients with pharmaceutical effects? Cosmetologists and lawyers assiduously discuss the matter. Read more on the respective criteria and on the substances and applications that act as the model for...

Sun protection products - appropriate use

More and more day care creams are equipped with UV filters. While the production of sun filters skyrockets therewith, the endocrinal efficacy of some filters is being disussed by experts. Information on the state of the art and the most efficient way of protecting against sun radiation is compiled...

Facets of intimate care - less is more

Intimate care always has been and will continue to be a domain of women. Obviously there is a solution for any kind of problem. However not all the products offered on the cosmetic market will automatically contribute to the individual wellbeing.

Shave that beard! - Skin care before and after shavings

There are many ways to get rid of unwanted hair on various parts of the body. How does the skin react to the different techniques? What can be done to avoid or sooth irritations?

Powders, gels, creams & sticks - Routes of administration

Cosmetic products often have rather imaginative names and sometimes even propose riddles to the consumers. In other words, a so-called gel may prove to be no gel at all in the technological sense of the term. The main characteristics of the different routes of administration are described in the...

Jars, tubes, dispensers etc - cosmetic packaging

The packaging of skin care products serves for product protection but also is intended to persuade people to buy. What particular functions and requirements are important for the packaging of cosmetic products?

Little powerhouses - what hand creams should accomplish

The daily work takes its toll on our hands - especially through contact with specific substances. And, the efficacy of hand creams varies a lot - it all depends on the particular formulation.

Gentle products for soothing massages

Wellness and cosmetic treatments - both are unimaginable without massages! The customer longs for relaxation and expects the promised results. Professional competence is required here - and the appropriate media in form of creams, oils and gels.

Mechanical, chemical, enzymatic - peelings for every type of skin

No matter whether salt, sand or acid based: peelings are used to stimulate the skin recovery and to restore a youthful appearance. The cosmetician today has various techniques at her disposal to achieve these goals.

Let's have a look at your feet... Well-cared feet walk better!

Pedicure tends to be neglected in young age. Wrongfully - since preventive care is a significant factor to be a good walker also in later years. The following survey describes which specific products and what kind of treatment play a role in this context.

Ultrasound gels - effects, compositions, applications

Ultrasound applications have found their way into the standard repertoire of cosmetic treatments. What is the role of ultrasound gels in this context?

Beauty products for men - which products are useful?

Advertising campaigns for men's cosmetics have now come to fruition - the market already expects a double-digit growth rate. In the following find out more about the beauty products HE really needs.

Eye care products - ingredients and effects

Our eyes are like business cards for our internal frame of mind. Sadness, happiness, curiosity and almost every personal feeling can be read in our eyes and hence is communicated to our fellow human beings. Reasons enough to pay special care to our eyes and the eye area. This will keep them in...

Dazzlingly beautiful lips: lip care - ingredients and effects

Lips and eyes communicate charisma and charm and that is the reason why particular attention is paid to their care. Since the characteristics of the lip area are inherently different from the other facial skin we also use specific care products. What are the ingredients and how do they work?

Self-tanning products - a beautiful sun-tan without sun

While fair skin is the ideal of beauty in many countries of the world, the average central-European population rather prefers a tanned complexion. It stands for the idea of a healthy and active life style. As UV radiation however is related to the well-known consequences like premature skin aging...

Whitening - lightening the skin tone

Pigmentation marks, freckles and reddened skin are frequently felt as a nuisance. As only very few individuals however are endowed with an even skin tone, so called whitening products become increasingly popular.

Therapy and wellness in the bathtub

Bathing and balneological products already have a long tradition and still enjoy great popularity. Moreover: even in today's shower age, the wide range and the application of balneological products is still on the rise.

Skin cleansing - selecting the appropriate product

Skin cleansing preparations range among the essential skin caring products. They are part of the daily hygiene and a prerequisite for further skin care measures. Hence, there is a great variety of different preparations and applications. The following overview offers assistance in selecting the...

Re-energizers: lotions - the speedy skin care

Lotions are speedy re-energizers for the skin. Especially when extended parts of the skin require a fast and evenly spreading care they are the best alternative. Nevertheless, lotions are not really a "lightweight" solution.

Perspiration and body odor - keeping the emotional smell under control

(Excessive) Perspiration together with the possibly developing body odor may be part of sporting activities, in company however it can be embarrassing. The cosmetic industry offers a wide range of products with antiperspirant and highly effective deodorant properties.

Oleogels - what non-aqueous products can accomplish

Today's skin care products mainly are emulsion-based which means that they contain water and an oil respectively lipid phase. In addition there are still products with only an oil phase. Oils but also oleogels belong to this group. They are primarily recommended for problem skins and therefore used...

Masks - the speedy refreshers

Clients of beauty institutes prefer individual treatments showing quick and visible results. Possible solutions here are masks in combination with effective active agents.

Innovative powder products - from urea powder to wrinkle killers

Powders are an essential component of the decorative skin care. In the course of time their composition has changed considerably and besides their application on normal skin, they are also used on problem skin today as well as for the optical reduction of wrinkles. More details are given in the...

Eye care - new agents against wrinkles

The sensitive eye area demands for an excellent base care and well tolerable actives to balance out fine lines, dark circles below the eyes and weakening elasticity.

Energizers - masks and packs

Masks or packs are essential elements of a large variety of cosmetic treatments. Unfortunately, it frequently falls into oblivion that these products in fact are some sort of quick-change artists. By adding different active agent concentrates and base creams, they are able to adapt to the specific...

Dermatological cosmetics - linking cosmetics and medicine

The term "dermatological cosmetics" already alludes to the combination of dermatology and skin care. Dermatological cosmetics, what does it actually mean? What is the difference between dermatological and conventional cosmetics? Based on a present-day example the concepts of dermatological skin and...

Concentrated agents: sera and ampoules

Quick results, problem solutions, intensive care... these are the keywords connected with sera, ampoules and active agent concentrates to be applied either directly or in form of masks, packs or other special treatments in the beauty institutes.

Balneological products - application and benefits

Bathing is very relaxing. It soothes body and soul. And this is the reason why cultivated bathing habits, in the therapeutical field also called balneology or hydrotherapy become increasingly popular again.

All-purpose talcum free powder bases with urea

All-purpose powder bases for use in decorative cosmetics, skin care and dermatology are described. Besides covering compounds, such as mineral pigments and physiologically compatible amides, urea plays a major role, particularly in use of powder bases on problem skin.

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