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Among others you find here publications about the origin and treatment of acne, couperosis, irritated skin, barrier and cornification disorders, photodamaged skin and the history of corneotherapy.


Cancer – adjuvant skin care

Cancer treatments are very stressful for the psyche and body. The skin is also sometimes severely affected and causes problems for those affected. You can provide valuable help here with the right skin care before and after treatment.

Corneotherapy – Quo vadis?

Strengthening and maintaining the health of the stratum corneum is the goal of corneotherapy. What is important in the material composition, which application possibilities there are and why it is still not mainstream, you can find out here.

Problem skin – relapses in skin care and dermatology – how to handle them?

In medical terminology, the expression relapse describes the reoccurrence of a disease or a symptom after an already finished treatment. Relapses also occur in the dermatological or cosmetic context when disorders reappear after a successful treatment phase. Find out here what causes the relapses...

Rosacea: use of skin care boosters – prevention and therapy

The treatment of rosacea is an excellent example for the interaction of medical therapy and cosmetic prevention but also for the possibilities cosmeticians have at their disposal with purposefully adapted cosmetic measures aimed at minimizing or even superseding medical interventions.

Quantum of sun - prevention & recovery of photodamaged skin 

A moderate amount of sunlight stimulates organism and mind in many ways. Sunlight in higher dosage causes premature skin aging and still more of it will induce photodamages. The tightrope walk now consists in benefitting from the positive effects for our health while avoiding premature skin aging...

Enzymes - to inhibit or to stimulate?

Enzymes control all the chemical reactions in living organisms. The following provides insight into their function and their effects and how they are used in the cosmetic field.

Microbiome and skin inflammation

Inflammatory processes in the skin are caused by external impacts or endogenic predispositions. Common cause is a metabolism disorder characterized by modified enzyme concentrations or enzyme defects. Also the protective mechanisms in the epidermis can be impaired.

Hormones control puberty, pregnancy and menopause - can we control their impact?

Hormones have direct impact on the skin. Individual, age-dependent processes but also long-term and temporary alterations come into play.

Too much radiation? Various causes of photodamages

An important topic for advice particularly during warm seasons is how to deal with radiation. Drug interaction or an overdose of sunlight can take a toll on the skin of customers. You are asked for advice!

Skin & hormones

INTERVIEW - We (Beauty Forum) asked Dr. Hans Lautenschläger to explain how hormones influence the skin and what kind of skin care you could apply in the case of hormone-induced skin conditions. The scientist gives an insight into the use and effects of hormonally active substances and the reactions...

Microorganisms - in and around our body

The daily struggle against microorganisms goes on but the fact is that we can't do without them. Their busy and invisible work for our well-being passes unnoticeable however their bad behaviour provides headlines, stress and high body temperature. There is talk of bacteria yeasts and fungi.

Chain reaction - skin enzymes and enzyme defects

The human metabolism is a finely tuned system operated and maintained in balance by various chemical reactions. Enzymes are the facilitators that catalyse the individual reactions. Defects and mutations cause dysregulations which also have consequences for the skin.

Contact dermatoses - causes, prevention and professional care of irritated skin

Contact dermatoses occur at the workplace but also during leisure time. What people tend to call allergy actually more often turns out to be an irritation. Prevalence varies and depends on a multitude of different factors. If the persons concerned know about preventive measures and how to apply them...

Perioral dermatitis - causes, treatment and differentiation

Perioral dermatitis is a common problem, but the solution is not easy to find. Associated irritations are rather persistent and definitely an ordeal for the persons affected but also for cosmeticians.

Acne - the potentials of cosmetic prevention

Acne does not only appear during adolescence but can also be constant companion of adults. Cosmetic preparations can help in getting a grip on it.

Overdoing skin care - too much of a good thing

Do you know the typical disease of female flight attendants? Well, it's a rash that develops due to exaggerated skin care! The protective shell of the body suffers with insufficient skin care but obviously also with too much skin care.

Skin care before and after surgery

Adjuvant skin care plays a significant role in the context of aesthetic surgery. Adequately administered it helps accelerate the recovery process, discontinue pharmaceutical medication at an earlier stage and has a lasting positive effect on the surgery results.

Careful with washing! - Gentle skin care for babies and small children

The epidermis of children up to 3 years is relatively thin, shows minimal sweat and sebum production, has an increased transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and is sensitive. Recommendations for the care of the infant skin are compiled in the following article.

Skin care at strong sweat formation*

Sweat glands are high-performance glands. They become active when the body's surface temperature needs to be cooled down, or in other words, whenever the body temperature rises and the temperature has to be dissipated quickly, or if the heat dissipation of the body is not sufficiently ensured in the...

Repairing the barrier - on active agents and active agent systems to support the skin regeneration

For a long time, the term skin regeneration has been used with reserve only since it insinuates a healing effect that legally is not allowed for advertising purposes. In the final analysis, the term "regeneration" originates from medicine and resumes, in a nutshell, the regenerating cell biological...

Protecting the skin barrier - fungal infections and skin care

Pharmacy offers a multitude of highly efficient active agents for the treatment of fungal infections. Experience however has shown that without appropriate skin care the symptoms soon reappear after the antimycotic medication has been stopped.

Shady sides - manifestations of light dermatoses

Besides the well-known sun burns, sunlight also can trigger very annoying light dermatoses. Food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic ingredients are potential influencing factors. Sometimes even preventive measures and medicine are of little help, all the more important is an adequate skin care.

Landing approach - preparing for the final descent - skincare for pregnant women

When the stork has announced his arrival, the furnishing of the apartment, the daily routine and the baby equipment need to be organized. Also the skin care should be adapted to the new situation.

Food intolerance - when food irritates the skin

Itching skin or skin rash - who would think that the daily diet can trigger the symptoms? Not only the substances that get in contact with the skin but also orally ingested substances may cause skin reactions. What can be done?

Skin - from the outside in

Keeping the skin's barrier in good health could be the key to optimal skincare according to the team at dermaviduals. Lizzy Wood reports.

Treatment of problem skins - an overview

If you start out to renovate a building you should begin with the roof. In terms of the problem skin, first priority should be given to the skin barrier. Next step then is the renovation or in other words the recovery of the skin. Which active agents are appropriate in this case? The following...

Skin care during cancer therapy

When customers undergo cancer treatment also the skin condition is affected. Problems and side effects of cancer therapies can be attenuated with an adequate skin care.


The future of skincare has arrived.

Skin care for the vitiligo-affected skin - aspirations and reality

Vitiligo is a rather conspicuous skin disease since the respective skin areas have completely lost their pigmentation. Although, the causes of the disease still are largely unidentified, there is help available for the patients concerned in the form of adequate skin care products and active agents.

Cellulite from A to Z

Exceptions prove the rule: the vast majority of women will develop cellulite some time in their life. The treatment of the annoying indentations has grown into a profitable branch of business within cosmetics. There are lots of promises but reality frequently is different. The following overview...

Crossing borders - on the boundaries of cosmetic skin care

There is only a smooth transition from problem skin to pathological skin conditions. Although it is not the job of professional cosmeticians to diagnose skin diseases, it is essential to know the borderlines. Otherwise there is a risk of getting into conflict with health legislation.

Corneotherapeutic skin care for the rosacea skin

Rosacea predominantly affects fair-skinned people and develops in adult age. Characteristic symptoms are erythema, changes of the superficial blood vessels and connective tissue as well as enlarged sebum follicles. Frequently there are also oedema and pustules to observe. In addition, there is a...

Hormone cycles - menopause skin care

We cannot live without hormones. They influence our bodily functions, physical capacity and moods from birth to old age. We are particularly sensible of their effect during menopause.

Skin care for the adolescent skin

During adolescence teenagers increasingly pay attention to their outer appearance and frequently take a look in the mirror. Blemished skin often becomes a problem. Acne, perspiration etc. wreck their nerves. What can be done when the skin goes haywire, particularly at this time when everyone is...

Skin care for psoriasis skin - individually adapted

Every problem skin requires a skin care which is optimally adapted to the individual patient, particularly during non-acute conditions or periods free of complaints. Preventive care may help reduce the stress for psoriasis- affected persons.

"I cannot tolerate this product" - the influence of medical drugs on skin and skin care

Again and again beauty institutes and practices are confronted with spontaneous or chronic skin reactions. As a rule, the skin care used is then suspected to be the culprit. Frequently it is wrongly accused, as there are various other factors that play a significant role - as for instance medical...

Delicate children skin - criteria for the adequate skin care

Cosmetic products usually are developed for adults. Thus customers often are not sure which product may be used for children or baby skin. Not every product is appropriate - specifically if it contains substances that are inadequate or overdosed for children skin.

Stressed skin - itching & Co. - causes and remedies

Rather unpleasant phenomenon: unbearable itching combined with erythema. Whether it is an insect bite or nettle rash after the contact with certain plants, the urge to scratch is specifically unpleasant at night times, and in public it even implies poor hygienic conditions and parasites....

Skin reactions - cosmetics and their effects

The ingredients of skin care products may cause inflammatory processes in the skin under certain conditions. On the other hand there are also cosmetic components which may effectively impede inflammatory processes. In the following survey the contrary ingredients are exemplarily compared with each...

Scars - cosmetic prevention and skin care

Scars are a frequent topic in beauty institutes. So far cosmetic only has focused on decorative and concealing products. However, recently developed new agents and bases have considerably improved cosmetic treatment methods.

Skin care during radiotherapy - soothing, vitalizing and protecting

Cancer therapies usually involve quite negative side effects and radiotherapy affects the skin in both ways: from the outside when it was used as a passageway for radiation and from the inside when the skin reacts to scattered radiation. How can skin care measures contribute to minimize the negative...

Skin elasticity - what can cosmetics achieve?

To keep the skin smooth and free of wrinkles for as long as possible is the main objective of preventive skin care. Besides hydration and smoothing, skin elasticity is the other essential factor where all depends on. Based on selected examples the following article explains potential influences on...

Dermopharmacy - decorative cosmetics for problem skin

Decorative cosmetics still leads a shadowy existence in many pharmacies. Wrongfully - as it is desperately needed specifically in the problem skin area in order to reduce the psychological strain of the individuals concerned. The following article describes preparations which form a valuable...

Skin care for the neurodermitic skin - supporting the skin barrier

Dehydrated skin and a high transepidermal water loss (TEWL) are characteristic symptoms of the neurodermitic skin. Especially during the winter season an adequate skin care accompanying the treatment and above all its specific formulation is an important issue.

Skin barrier disorders - preventive measures

Skin barrier disorders are a widely spread phenomenon today. Most frequently the symptoms are dry and sensitive skin and serious cases of skin disorders are neurodermatitis, psoriasis and cornification disorders in general.

Reddened Skin - what may cause the symptom?

Everyone cares for even skin as it is a symbol for health and cleanness. It's quite a nuisance when red spots appear and even more annoying if their cause is unknown. The following information provides some assistance to detect the causes.

Psoriasis - the appropriate care

Psoriasis is a partially hereditary skin condition with intermittent attacks which may be triggered by additional environmental or nutritional factors or by mental stress. An appropriate skin care may relieve its symptoms.

Photodamaged skin: sun-bathing and after sun care

Overexposure to UV radiation causes serious long-term skin damage, premature skin aging and may even trigger skin cancer. Even if the infrared light of the sun seems harmless though, it may build up extremely high temperatures in the outermost skin layers and as a consequence also lead to premature...

Neurodermatitis - specific prevention

Neurodermatitis is a major strain for the persons affected, above all due to the permanently dry and frequently itching skin. A well-designed skin care with appropriate products helps to reduce these symptoms.

Mixed skin - a skin with two different faces

In the daily practice frequently questions come up regarding the appropriate cosmetic treatment. Mixed skin: What does it actually mean? How can we receive adequate measuring results and what is the best care - all these questions are answered in the following.

Good looks, protection and skin care all inclusive: make-up for the problem skin

Make-up literally is cosmetics in the true sense of the word - it enhances the individual appearance. And from time immemorial a multitude of different pigments, dyes and mineral components has been used for this purpose. Protecting and maintaining a healthy skin however has rather been regarded as...

Irritated skin - skin in a state of turmoil

Irritation - what exactly does it mean? In general the term is explained as an overreaction to an insignificant or even trivial incident. Now, what applies for the area of mental balance may also be extended to the skin. Skin irritations, their causes as well as their treatment will be discussed in...

History and current aspects of corneotherapy 1)

The term corneotherapy was coined by A. Kligman. A persistent corneotherapeutic treatment of the disturbed homeostasis as the characteristic feature of atopic dermatitis with appropriate skin care substances may achieve substantial clinical effects. In summary, it can be said that corneotherapy aims...

Essential fatty acids - cosmetic from inside and outside

Our body depends on numerous substances which have to be replenished with our daily nutrition. Certain fatty acids are among these essential substances. Deficiencies have a detrimental effect for the human organism and skin.

Couperosis - a field for active agent concentrates

Couperosis - a complicated cosmetic topic: quite a few questions regarding its origin and treatment are still waiting for an answer. Just like other problem skins also couperosis demands for a thoroughly balanced skin care. Particularly in the field of supporting prevention skin care plays a...

Cornification disorders - the adequate skin care

Keratoses of the skin are common public diseases. As a result, also cosmeticians are frequently faced with questions regarding the care of the affected skin. In the following, you will find interesting information on active agents, cream bases as well as cleansing and skin care products for these...

Actinic keratoses - an endemic disease?

Millions of vacationers deliberately expose themselves to excessive UV radiation. As a result, the risk of UV-related skin damage is rapidly increasing. Sun worshippers thus have to expect an increased risk for actinic keratoses (a carcinoma in situ). Most recent estimates prove that about 8 million...

"Acne caused by too many different moisturizing factors in creams?"

Moisturizing factors in cosmetic products mostly relate to the NMF (natural moisturizing factor) components. 

Acne - prevention and care

Acne is one of the most frequent skin problems beauty institutes are confronted with. Acne customers and above all the younger generation among them often go through a personal ordeal and generally have high expectations of a cosmetic treatment.

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