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Among others you find here publications about phytohormones, regeneration of skin barrier and applied corneotherapy.


Three times active against wrinkles

Cosmetic active ingredients have multiple functions. Taken together, the spectrum of activities corresponds to the typical set of instruments against premature skin ageing, i.e., anti-aging. It can be divided into preventive protective, regenerative and anti-inflammatory activities. Sustainability...

Anti-aging products and treatments under the microscope

When it comes to anti-aging products, the question arises as to what has a superficial, temporary, substantial or lasting effect against signs of aging in the skin. Keeping an overview has become difficult. Find out the most important facts, effective treatment methods and sustainable active...

Inflammaging – the role of adequate skin care

Various causes are responsible for the human skin aging process. Research still remains to be done in order to clarify all the mechanisms involved in the highly complex interactions. A very recent research approach focuses on the so-called inflammaging or in other words the age-related inflammation...

Pills to supplement the diet - the impact of food supplements on the skin

Food supplement sales are booming - not only in pharmacies. They are supposed to compensate organic deficits, de-acidify the body or relieve the skin from wrinkles. Which of the promises are realistic?

The seeming and the real - What really works: Cosmeceuticals, Placebos & Co.

The supply of products and promises are booming in the anti-aging beauty care. Not only consumers but also professionals have a hard time staying on top of things. In the following you will find a summary on reliable but also dispensable substances.

Elastase - the target of a novel anti-aging strategy to defy skin aging, loss of skin elasticity and wrinkle formation

In the skin, the epidermal stem cells are responsible for the formation and regeneration of all the different cells in the epidermis. Since the skin progressively differentiates and regenerates, the epidermal stem cells are the most important skin cells in charge of the epidermal homeostasis, of the...

Radio waves and boswellia nanoparticles - a new derma rejuvenation therapy

Considerations on skin physiology and skin aging from the biochemical point of view

Eye care basics - on active agents and eye formulations

Besides language and gestures also our eyes play a significant role in communication. Expressive eyes can be the decisive factor in determining sympathy and appeal. That is why the preventive cosmetic care of the eye area is of particular importance.

Enhanced skin structure through innovative anti-aging treatment with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and boswellia nanoparticles

[IPL-activated boswellia-(frankincense-)Triterpenes]

Laser- & IPL treatments - the appropriate skin care

The use of lasers in the cosmetic and dermatological treatment has become increasingly popular in recent years. Experience has shown that preparative steps before the treatment and an adequate follow-up care are of vital importance in order to achieve optimal results.

Lasting effect? Tendencies in anti-aging treatments

Wrinkles - now customers can well do without these and that is the reason why they willingly buy the promoted anti-aging skin care products on the market. Aim of these products however should be the effective prevention of the skin aging process. According to Dr. Hans Lautenschläger empty words or...

Medical Wellness - a powerful combination

Cosmetics - medicine - wellness: an increasing number of intersections and overlappings can be noticed between these disciplines. Cosmetics is spreading its activities into the boundaries of medicine. The field of "medical wellness" fills the gap between medicine and wellness and often has its roots...

Regeneration of the skin barrier

The objective of regenerating the skin is just as old as cosmetic itself. The decorative cosmetic shows how we would like to look after the regeneration. The caring cosmetic with the active agents at its disposal tries to support the regeneration to revitalize, soothe and protect the neglected,...

Regeneration - the potentials of cosmetic products

In general usage, the term regeneration already is more or less identified with a magic formula against skin aging. Accordingly, there is a large variety of different prescriptions in form of products and treatments on the market. Quite evidently, the aging process of the skin cannot be stopped;...

Under close scrutiny - phytohormones

Hormones control our bodily functions throughout our entire life. They also have effects on our skin. As hormones have a systemic influence though, they are not allowed in cosmetic products. The research for substances with hormone-like effects proved successful in plants. Detailed information on...

Corneotherapy and anti-aging

Corneotherapy was coined in the nineties by Professor A.M. Kligman. In his studies he proved that a skin therapy with moisturizers already could achieve clinical effects. Experience has shown now that corneotherapy can also protect the skin against premature aging.

Applied corneotherapy and skin care - guidelines for the anti-aging treatment

Based on the corneotherapeutic treatment founded by Prof. A. Kligman a detailed strategy against premature skin aging is discussed. Specific elements of this strategy are the preservation of the NMF (moisture balance, protection against radicals) as well as the barrier layers, the protection against...

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