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On the following pages you find devices and probes with specifically designed software for skin diagnosis, consulting und treatment with dermatological skin care.


Elasticity probe

A simple measuring principle: A testing probe is slightly pressed on the skin with the result of a temporary vacuum. The skin is lifted, stretched and then released. These deflections are optically recorded and evaluated. Measurement of skin elasticity  For general information on skin...

Hydration probe

An adequate moisture content of the stratum corneum is essential for a well functioning skin barrier. Only an intact NMF (natural moisturizing factor) provides an effective scavenging function against radicals and nitrogen oxides penetrating from the outside, and consequently protects the skin...

Melanin probe

determination of pigmentation and redness (erythema)
The measuring principle for the melanin and erythema readings is based on a source of light with three specific wavelengths whose radiation is absorbed by the skin and diffusely reflected. A photo detector analyses the diffuse reflection from the skin. If the skin is well supplied with blood also...

pH probe

determination of skin pH value
An adequate pH value is essential for a healthy skin. It can be measured with the Skin-pH-Meter. Recommended measuring areas are the back of the hand, the forearm, the front and the cheeks, however readings are also possible on any other body part. Measurement of skin pH For general...

Sebum probe

determination of superficial skin lipids
The measurement of the sebum content consists of a rather basic, direct reading of the sebum secretion on skin, hair and scalp. The measuring is generally taken with a parchment like foil which becomes transparent after contact with lipid substances. The foil is pressed on the skin for a defined...

Temperature probe

The measurement is based on contact free infrared reading of the reflection of the skin surface and read with a specific sensor within the probe. The temperature of the skin indirectly informs on the blood circulation. Well supplied skin parts are warmer than less circulated...

TEWL probe

to determine transepidermal water loss
The skin constantly looses water in form of vapor (TEWL). Already minor lesions of the skin result in an increased TEWL. The TEWL can be directly measured with the TEWL probe which is applied on the skin. It consists of sensors to measure the humidity and temperature gradients in different...

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