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What happens when liposomes or nanoparticles are mixed with DMS base cream?


Liposomes and nanoparticles fuse with the barrier layers of the skin. 

Due to the fusion process the barrier layers become more permeable and the active agents can pass through the skin barrier.

The same process occurs with a DMS base cream which has the same physical structure as the barrier layers of the skin, or put another way, during the above-mentioned mixing process the liposomes and nanoparticles fuse with the membrane structure and modify it accordingly. In other words: the membranes of the now applied cream are more permeable than the membranes of the pure DMS base cream. The degree of permeability varies depending on the concentration of the additives, Due to the increased permeability the stratum corneum acts like a depot from where the active agents penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, either slowly (low concentration of active agents) or fast (high concentration of active agents). This process permits a broad range of individual product variations starting with the pure DMS base cream through to pure particles (penetration) which is a major advantage with respect to the individual adaptation of the product to the specific skin condition.
Alternatively, pure liposomes or nanoparticles can be applied to prepare the skin for the passage of active agents. The then applied layer of pure base cream - metaphorically speaking - squeezes the active agents into the skin and recloses the skin barrier. The process corresponds with the concept of enhanced corneotherapy, i.e. the skin barrier can be opened and closed again as required.

Dr. Hans Lautenschläger

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