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Hygiene in the institute?


PlutioDerm® with brush applicator

For better selective application, the PlutioDerm® fluid was changed from an airless dispenser to a glass bottle with a brush applicator in spring 2022. This form of application, which is common for medical preparations, is still largely unknown in the cosmetics sector.

Why did the changeover take place?

With a dispenser, one must necessarily use a finger or, for example, a sponge. The brush allows for a sparing spot application.

Is the application compatible with hygiene?

Without the use of the finger, the application is in any case more hygienic for blemished skin.

This is fine for home care. But what about at the institute?

Cosmetics, especially those for the specific treatment of impure skin, are germ-free due to their composition and also have an antiseptic effect. This means that any microorganisms introduced by the brush are immediately killed.

How is sterility checked?

As a rule, cosmetics must be subjected to a preservative load test before they reach the market. This test uses test germs to prove that a product reliably eliminates microorganisms introduced during its use.

How are cosmetics without preservatives protected from microorganisms?

These cosmetics also undergo a preservative load test in the same way. They do not contain any (potentially allergenic) preservatives listed in the EU Cosmetic Directive, but are protected by other, non-allergenic substances, such as polyhydric alcohols and ethanol.

What do I do if the brush is still not accepted?

Tip: Replace the brush with the pipette cap of a used active substance concentrate.

Dr Hans Lautenschläger

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