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DMS-base creams are used for preventive skin protection


The number of occupational dermatoses is constantly increasing, though security aspects at the workplace regarding the substances used have been improved considerably. As a result, preventive skin protection and an effective skin care is becoming the focal point of interest.

Employees at risk

Employees working in damp and humid environment are particularly susceptible for occupational dermatoses. Particularly at risk are professional groups like e.g. hairdressers, metal-workers, hospital staff, but also professionals in the catering business. Hence, the Federal Minister for Work and Social Affairs of Germany recommends to those professionals to abide by technical regulations (TRGS). In addition to the protective measures mentioned herein, skin protection and an effective skin care are best prerequisites for successful prevention from occupational dermatoses.

The regeneration of skin takes priority

Latest reports have shown that skin regeneration during the time off work is just as important as preventive skin protection at the workplace. Beginning the job with incompletely regenerated skin already is a bad start for the employee's skin balance. Hence, during the time off work it is necessary to apply an appropriate skin care which adequately supports the skin regeneration instead of impeding it. It is essential therefore, to use base creams that are mineral oil free and non-occlusive. Additionally, base creams should be free of preservatives and perfumes, as an already weak or even damaged skin barrier is especially prone to become victim of the sensitizing potentials of those ingredients. It is a well-known fact today, that perfumes are the number one sensitizing substances.

Sensitive skin will not endure the long-term use of emulsifiers

Emulsifiers are a further criterion when choosing the appropriate skin prevention and skin care creams. Emulsifiers are auxiliary substances which help to combine oil-based substances together with water into creams and to transport the actives into the skin. However, they also have the disadvantage to act in both ways: they also solve components of the creams and the skin-specific protective substances out of the skin. Thus, frequent washing rapidly leads to a wash-out effect and hence, to dry skin. Skin care creams for the preventive skin care should therefore be free of emulsifiers. By the way, emulsifier-free preparations also have positive effects on chronic disorders of the skin barrier and even on the neurodermatitic skin. Individuals suffering from neurodermatitis are particularly sensitive as their skin shows deficiencies in its natural protective function.

DMS - a new effective principle in skin care

DMS-based skin care creams (DMS - Derma Membrane Structure) meet all requirements of the preventive skin protection, especially in working conditions where the skin is exposed to water and special substances. The composition of DMS resembles the natural skin components and, furthermore, its physical structure is very similar to the membrane structure of the natural skin. DMS-creams are free of:

  • mineral oils
  • preservatives
  • perfumes
  • emulsifiers
  • amines
  • silicones

Adaptable to individual skin care needs

Base creams for skin protection, just like the preparations for the skin care, can be adapted to individual skin care needs.


  • DMS base cream High Classic Plus (rich in lipids)
  • Novrithen: For the care of the extremely dry and stressed skin. The combination of DMS with urea and evening primrose oil in form of nanoparticles has an stabilizing effect on the skin barrier and alleviates skin irritations
  • Oleogel Plus: To protect against special skin-irritating substances at the workplace, for the lip care and the supportive prevention of endogenous skin disorders as well as for extremely dry skin. As to the chemical ingredients, Oleogel Plus corresponds to the DMS-criteria.

More information: Membrane-containing barrier creams - protecting the skin with skin-related substances, Kosmetische Praxis 2006 (4), 12-14.


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