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Liposomes have membranes like living cells


The membrane of liposomes consist of bilayers which are physically similar to the bilayers of the stratum corneum (horny layer) of human skin.

Liposomes are typical vehicles, which are able to encapsulate water soluble dermatological and cosmetic active agents of different types. The active agents are protected against environmental influences. Liposomes spread out excellently in the horny layer and increase the penetration of the active agents by fluidizing the skin barrier.

Aqueous dispersions show a clear to milky appearance according to the size of the liposomes.

The bilayers of liposomes consist of phosphatidylcholine. Liposomes without actice agents ("empty liposomes") show all dermatological and cosmetic effects of phosphatidylcholine.


  • Transport of cosmetic active agents
  • Support of prevention of barrier and cornification disorders
  • Transdermal applications (dermatology)



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