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Multi Skin Test Center MC 750


basic device for the skin diagnosis

Determining the skin hydration, the lipid content and further significant parameters is of extreme importance for a safe and accurate skin diagnosis, for qualified product consultation and the following monitoring of the efficacy of cosmetic and dermatological products.

Multi Skin Test Center MC 750 is a modular basic device, which contains the following probes:

  • Measurement of sebum
  • Measurement of skin moisture
  • Measurement of skin elasticity

Multi Skin Test Center MC 750 can be equipped with further specific probes. Generally the following are available:

The device comes with a comprehensive dermaviduals® software package adapted to the products of the dermaviduals® system and includes additional measuring and consultation data and information. 

Multi Skin Test Center MC 750

Multi Skin Test Center MC 750 (modular basic device)

For general information on skin diagnosis please refer to the following publications

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