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Instruments for skin analysis


An accurate analysis of the skin type establishes customer confidence, is the basis for a specific skin treatment and promotes the sale of skin care products. Special measuring instruments can optimize the analysis


The skin analysis can be an important element for acquiring new clients and convincing them to stay regular since it is the door opener for an intense consultation. The consultation is the basis for the following treatments and in the end leads to customer satisfaction. A specific skin analysis can also promote the sale of skin care products.

Specific consultation

Without doubt, there is no need for a complicated measuring device to analyze and treat the skin as the cosmetician can see and touch the client's skin. If the client has confidence in the cosmetician, it will not be difficult for a competent specialist to convince the client of an additional treatment following the skin analysis. However, appropriate instruments for the skin analysis may be very helpful for the beauty institute to establish customer confidence and substantiate the suggested treatment. Above all, this applies for new clients: based on the measurement it can be shown that an additional special treatment connected with additional costs not only is beneficial for the beauty institute but also for the client since the skin condition will improve.
For this purpose measuring devices are useful which are easy to handle, easy to read and above all, provide quick analyses. And a quick analysis definitely is required to usefully include the results in the consultation.
In this connection the measurement of the transepidermal water loss (TEWL) would be desirable but in practice, there is no way to realize it due to the required climatic conditioning. However, skin moistness and fat content can easily be measured. These readings can be done in less than a minute and are very informative regarding the skin condition.

Easy handling

The handling of the measuring devices should be uncomplicated and the measurement itself should not cause any troubles for the clients. Additional requirements are that the devices are at reasonable prices, portable and of reasonable size to find room on every consulting table.

Precise evaluation

The skin analysis instrument allows to identify locally varying skin conditions as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of the skin care products used.

Dr. Hans Lautenschläger

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published in
Kosmetik International
2001 (1), 90

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