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DMS base creams


The chemical composition and the physical structure of dermaviduals® base creams are similar to the membrane structure of the natural skin barrier. They can be used for skin care, skin protection and dermatological treatment. A smooth transition from dermatological treatment to cosmetic prevention is ensured. dermaviduals® base creams are successfully used for the supporting prevention of skin disorders. Especially persons suffering from dehydrated skin, blemished skin, acne, neurodermatitis, psoriasis etc. profit from them.
dermaviduals® base creams are offered in 44 ml (13 ml) dispensers for individual adaptation. They are able to integrate up to 6 ml (2 ml) of active agent concentrates.


Base cream DVL-P

Lamellar base cream for dermatological formulations - dermaviduals® pharma

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DMS base cream Classic

Skin care for normal and greasy skin

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DMS base cream High Classic Plus

Skin care for dehydrated and low fat skin

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DMS base cream High Classic

Skin care for dehydrated and sensitive skin

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