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Rosacea - a challenge for the cosmetic care (in German)

Lecture of Dr. Hans Lautenschläger, Beauty Forum Munich, October 26, 2014, 0.30-1.30 pm, room C22 "Medical Forum 1"

Rosacea is a partially inherent, multifactorial problem that is exacerbated by external influences. In conventional medical treatment skin regeneration and anti-inflammatory, anti-erythemal and antimicrobial drugs are in the foreground. Cosmetic measures aim to stabilize the superficial capillaries and the skin barrier in the long term and largely keep out exogenous triggers of rosacea. Specific problems such as increased sensitivity to cosmetics - in particular O/W emulsions - are discussed. Active ingredients for the cosmetic treatment are presented that are able to soothe, to reduce redness, act as anti-inflammatories and antimicrobials and stimulate regeneration.

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