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New book "Corneotherapy - link between dermatology and cosmetics" (in German)

Korneotherapie - Bindeglied zwischen Dermatologie und Kosmetik

Short description:
There is a multitude of excellent papers on the basics of cosmetic and pharmaceutical chemistry and galenics, on skin diagnosis and dermatological indications. The technical literature in this field has grown considerably and can hardly be followed up although the advanced search engines of the internet age offer various methods to track down any possible detail.

Hence, professionals in the field of dermatology and cosmetics are confronted with a general problem - the lack of time to delve into all the different aspects in this field. Specifically dermatologists who also work in the field of skin care, pharmacists who offer professional advice and treatment in the field of cosmetics as well as cosmetic institutes specializing in dermatological cosmetics are in need of a compendium that contains all the different issues pertaining to the skin care practice.

"Korneotherapie - Bindeglied zwischen Dermatologie und Kosmetik" (in German) hence intends to give a short and concise explanation on the basics of corneotherapy and its practical implementation on patients or customers. For most of the readers though, the concept of corneotherapy will be unfamiliar. Yet, the reader will fast discover that corneotherapy is a synonym for a skin care that is consequently patient and customer-oriented, that is based on scientific knowledge and not marketing strategy themed.

Individual aspects to ingredients of skin care preparations, indications and treatments are described in their related context. A description of the substances that are inappropriate for the corneotherapeutic treatment is also included.

Prof. Dr. Ksenija Suvorova, Moscow 2011:
As barrier disorders appear with different characteristics and symptoms it is essential to select individually adapted ingredients for the dermatological and cosmetic preparations. Numerous articles show that specialists are particularly interested in this topic. Given these facts, it is incomprehensible that formulations still are based on mineral oils and additives like emulsifiers, preservatives and perfumes that altogether rather have counterproductive effects on a long-term basis. The findings on the properties of the skin barrier and their causal treatment obviously still are inefficiently communicated during the professional training. This gap now has been closed by the excellent introduction to corneotherapy with a concise description in layman's terms of the significant aspects of skin physiology and skin care as well as the nature and causes of the development of skin disorders,.

The book also serves for the further professional training of dermatologists, pharmacists and cosmetologists who in practice engage themselves in skin care and professional advice on skin barrier disorders and skin diseases. It can also be highly recommended as informative reading to all the persons concerned with skin problems.

Dr. Hans Lautenschläger, born in 1947, studied chemistry and physics (minor subject) at the Free University of Berlin. He graduated as chemist and obtained his doctoral degree in organic chemistry in 1976. His main fields of activity in manufacturing so far comprise the synthesis of new pharmaceutical agents for indications like lipid metabolism disorders, inflammation and heart, blood and circulation diseases as well as the formulation of phosphatidylcholine-containing dermatological and cosmetic skin care products. More than 200 publications and patents illustrate his professional career.

Korneotherapie - Bindeglied zwischen Dermatologie und Kosmetik
Dr. Hans Lautenschläger
Foreword by Prof. Dr. Ksenija Suvorova

First edition November 2011
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Printed in Germany
by Druckerei Raimund Roth GmbH, 42655 Solingen
ISBN 978-3-00-035755-8

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