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Positioning of skin care providers - Kosmetik International asks and dermaviduals® answers (KOKO)

published in Kosmetik International Special Top Positionierung 2017 (2), 66

Kosmetik International: How do you support cosmeticians to stand out against other competitors? Are there any specific measures (i.e. seminars/expert advice/trainings)?

Besides comprehensive individual information and advice, KOKO offers about 40-50 full-day trainings as part of the brand service for dermaviduals® products. The training programme includes subject-specific facts and solid back ground knowledge in the fields of treatment, dermatology, physics, chemistry, biochemistry and also marketing. It actually is complicated matter and it may not be in everybody's nature to dig that far into the issue. Whoever passed the training programme can stand out against competitors through competence and authenticity.

Kosmetik International: Cosmeticians can also benefit from consequently integrating the brand they work with (in particular the brand logo) into their publicity and marketing measures and their advertising materials. How do you support and encourage such measures? To what extent do you subsidize advertising measures or offer other support and if so, on what terms?

Institutes can largely benefit from a brand name if the brand has achieved an excellent positioning in the market due to transparency, competence and positive treatment results and not just plain promises. In case the institute represents several brands, care should be taken that orientation and ingredients of the products are not contradictory since a clear positioning of the institute would otherwise become impossible.
dermaviduals allows institutes to use the dermaviduals® logo for their advertising efforts. Besides more than 250 advertising free technical publications, the institutes can also download a series of videos from the website and integrate the contents per RSS feed into their own websites. The exponentially increasing number of visits to our website shows the immense synergy potential. In 2016 our website was accessed about 100 million times.
Similar instructional instruments are our power point training files with integrated links, picture gallery as well as manuals, conference proceedings und two textbooks available via book trade. Contents of the textbooks can be used upon request.

Kosmetik International: Why do you think that cosmeticians benefit from using the brand names of their suppliers in their own advertising measures? What measures are particularly important in your opinion? In which fields is it particularly profitable to integrate the brand names? Which measures should be prioritized?

If the brand concept offers substantial contents and hence has a top-ranking, there are significant synergy effects. Caution however is recommended with regard to institute marketing. I would agree with advertising efforts - for institute, products and treatments. When it comes to webshop activities I disagree though, as they can debase the brand and interfere with its uniqueness. Focusing on the specific professional brand trainings that the cosmetician successfully completed can be rather beneficial for advertising purposes. With regard to dermaviduals® products, there are particular trainings in the field of corneotherapy, established by Albert M. Kligman, dermatologist, and promoted at international level by the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy (I.A.C.). Skin care providers can become members or sponsors of the I.A.C., use the services for their marketing efforts and thus successfully distinguish themselves from competing institutes.

Answers by: Hans Lautenschläger, Ph.D.

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