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Cosmetics - medicine

Skin and skin care – physiology and chemistry in balance? *)
No chemical, only natural or biologically grown ingredients – this is a very popular attitude to skin care products today. The molecular facts behind are far more complicated when addressing the details. Actually a very interesting topic for chemical scientists and the following outline of this multidisciplinary field will show why.
Inflammaging – the role of adequate skin care
Various causes are responsible for the human skin aging process. Research still remains to be done in order to clarify all the mechanisms involved in the highly complex interactions. A very recent research approach focuses on the so-called inflammaging or in other words the age-related inflammation of the skin.
Keeping an overview – What distinguishes topical medical devices from cosmetic products
The care of the skin, the supportive prevention and the therapy of skin diseases requires different products and compositions. They range from cosmetic preparations via topical medical devices up to topical pharmaceuticals. Experience shows that the differentiation between the individual product groups, the application and the effects of the products often is ambiguous. It is difficult for consumers to figure out the complex legal backgrounds, various sources of supply and notorious publicity campaigns.
A comparison - pharmaceutical and cosmetic active agents
Medical drugs or cosmetics? Once the cosmetician realizes, that a skin condition demands more professional competency than she can provide in her institute, she recommends visiting a dermatologist. We compare pharmaceutical and cosmetic active agents.
Crossing borders - on the boundaries of cosmetic skin care
There is only a smooth transition from problem skin to pathological skin conditions. Although it is not the job of professional cosmeticians to diagnose skin diseases, it is essential to know the borderlines. Otherwise there is a risk of getting into conflict with health legislation.
Lasting effect? Tendencies in anti-aging treatments
Wrinkles - now customers can well do without these and that is the reason why they willingly buy the promoted anti-aging skin care products on the market. Aim of these products however should be the effective prevention of the skin aging process. According to Dr. Hans Lautenschläger empty words or short-lived agents only are not enough.
Dermatological cosmetics - linking cosmetics and medicine
The term "dermatological cosmetics" already alludes to the combination of dermatology and skin care. Dermatological cosmetics, what does it actually mean? What is the difference between dermatological and conventional cosmetics? Based on a present-day example the concepts of dermatological skin and beauty care and their compatibility with the existing law will be described in the following.
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