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DMS-base creams are integral skin care products


DMS contains water, triglycerides (from coconut oil, olives, shea butter), phytosterols (from shea butter), moisturizer (e.g. glycerol), phosphatidylcholine (from soybean lecithin), squalane (from olives) and ceramides (from yeast).

Base creams

  • DMS base cream Classic for normal to greasy skin
  • DMS base cream High Classic for normal and sensitive skin
  • DMS base cream High Classic Plus for dry skin

Use in skin care

Base creams cover about 90 per cent of skin care needs. For the individually adapted skin care, base creams can be enriched with appropriate active agents or alternatively, the skin can be pre-treated with special active agents. As a rule one single base cream for the morning and evening application provides a perfectly balanced skin care. Creams with vitamin contents especially with combinations of the vitamins A, C, E or eventually the co-enzyme Q10 should be applied in the evening to prevent vitamin losses. These creams have proved to be the perfect care for the mature and elderly skin.

Face masks and packs

These intensive skin treatments are adapted to the individual skin requirements: the base creams are enriched with the appropriate active agents or alternatively, base creams and active agents are directly applied to the skin. Another very effective method is to treat parts of the skin with specific concentrates before applying base products.
The effects of face masks and packs can be intensified by slightly massaging the products into the skin.

Skin cleansing

  • Very sensitive skin with few skin contaminants should be treated with a mild, perfume-free cleansing milk on DMS-base, which is cleansing the skin without tensides.
  • A face tonic applied after cleansing soothes the skin and prepares it for follow-up treatment. Lotions containing D-Panthenol are particularly recommended for this purpose.

Skins with problems

Minor forms of acne and impure skin are treated with DMS base cream High Classic in combination with liposome concentrate. Rare cases of blemished and dry skin can be treated with liposomes before DMS base Cream High Classic Plus is applied. As a supportive treatment for skins susceptible for psoriasis conditions it is recommended to use liposome lotions and/or a combination of liposome lotions and base creams.

More information: Applied corneotherapy and skincare - guidelines for the anti-aging treatment, Ästhetische Dermatologie 2007 (3), 8-16.


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