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dermaviduals® treatment "dry skin"


Example for a professional beauty treatment

Dry skin occurs more often today than in the past. Hence the symptom can frequently be referred to culture-bound causes. Dry skin is a minor barrier disorder and facilitates the penetration of germs and foreign substances. It can successfully be treated with dermaviduals® skin care products. The following video illustrates the treatment in the beauty institute.   

Products showed on the video:

Cleansing milk with DMS

DMS Peeling cream

Skin toning: 
Face tonic

Active agents: 
Vitamin A nanoparticles
Vitamin C liposome concentrate
Vitamin E nanoparticles

Cream pack: 
DMS base cream High Classic
Avocado oil

Finishing care: 
DMS base cream High Classic Plus


We look forward to welcoming the professional staff of our cooperating institutes and practices in our numerous advanced training courses.

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