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Interview with Kosmetik International

KOKO Kosmetikvertrieb will continue to focus on research, development and manufacturing according to pharmaceutical standards. Managing Director Dr. Hans Lautenschläger sees the increasing sensitivity of customers as a challenge.

Where do you see the cosmetic sector in the next ten years?
The cosmetic sector will continue with its medical approach; cosmeceuticals and the device-based treatment are on the rise. With the increasing liability risk, the co-operations of cosmeticians and cosmetic doctors will be expanded.

What kind of developments, trends, challenges are to be expected in general?
The natural cosmetics sector will further grow with its sometimes rather arbitrary quality labels. Nevertheless, the emphasis will change from "synthetic" or "natural" to "physiological" aspects. Discussions on substances with adverse effects will persist and boundary crossings of cosmetic into pharmaceutical terrain will become more frequent.

What are the objectives of KOKO?
The family company will further expand its research and development activities and also its manufacturing in accordance with pharmaceutical standards. The scope of modular and technologically high-end preparations will be amplified and export activities (2015: 70%) further enhanced. It is also intended to edit and author technical publications and intensify social involvement.

What developments are in store for cosmeticians in the next years?
The increasing sensitivity of customers requires in-depth knowledge - above all in the adjuvant care of skin conditions. Competent treatments are more important than activities in online shops and social media.

How can the cosmetician prepare herself and her institute for these future challenges?
An authentic personality, professional and economic competence, creativity and flexibility belong to the factors of success of the institutes. Being independent from manufacturers and mainstream as well as confidence and credibility are her assets which will also last through times of crisis. 

The interview was conducted by Elke Rohwer from Kosmetik International Verlag

Reference: Authentic, Kosmetik International 2016 (11), 15

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