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"About growing older - and what do men think about it"

Under this heading there was an interview with Dr. Hans Lautenschläger on September 2016. It was published in the journal: medical skin care - buyers & suppliers' guide 2016, 6-7

How do you personally handle the aging process?
At my age (almost 69), you don't think too much about growing older. After I overcame cancer eight years ago, I am looking forward to every new morning and to my activity as a managing retiree.

Could you describe which woman and which man positively handles the aging process - and why?
Many elderly women almost have a mask-like appearance and their individuality is lost in a kind of uniform beauty which is exchangeable and also seems boring. The ultra-athletic styling of men follows the same pattern. What really is attractive is a cultivated and authentic personal style which is rarely found today. It‘s classic.

What do you think: is there also increasing pressure on men to use aesthetic procedures against the aging process and where does this pressure come from?
Media and hence mainstream exert quite some pressure and you need a strong personality to resist the pressure.

A lot of men oppose wrinkle treatment injections and surgical interventions, some others undergo this kind of treatments but don't talk about it. What is your attitude?
Well, in my opinion, each must live as he sees fit. If the mentioned treatments are helpful for the personal mind, it serves the purpose.

Which physical characteristics make older men particularly attractive?
Better leave the answer to this question to women. Experience has shown that male ideas to male attractiveness often do not correlate with reality.

What do you do to keep young - what is your lifestyle and what is your fitness routine?
16 km of jogging and 4 km of front crawls per week, household and intense garden work as well as the 40 hours of work in or for the company are a rather effective dose. I participate in two 10 to 12 km running events per year and also spend a week at a skiing resort and both activities also contribute to mobilize body and mind.

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