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Facts on anti-aging agents


7th Anti-Aging-Congress − 24.10.2020, Munich
Online lecture held by Dr. Hans Lautenschläger

Summary: Cosmetic industry has a long tradition in selling anti-aging products. Today’s abundant supply of different product compositions, active agents and procedures however prompts the question what specific preparation or measure has superficial, temporary, substantial or sustainable effects against the symptoms of skin aging. Also the number of scientific studies has skyrocketed and not every study published is backed by reality. It has become difficult to keep track of the facts. The most important facts, effective treatment procedures and sustainable active agents are presented.

After a short introduction on the substance of studies, the media coverage and the illustration of anti-aging research in search engines, the heading “Anti-aging – more than wrinkle reduction” informs on the following issues:

  • Holistic approach to anti-aging
  • Temporary anti-aging agents
  • Sustainable anti-aging agents
    • regeneration
    • protection
    • problem solvers
  • Optimisation
    • combination
    • networking
    • symbiosis
    • personalization

Participants of the congress have access to the online pdf-version under

Facts on anti-aging agents

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