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Corneotherapy - an outstanding conference series


The seminar "Skin Analysis", originally planned as a workshop and held at Leichlingen from 12-15 September 2011 by Florence Barrett-Hill (CIDESCO and ITEC diplomas) New Zealand, an internationally recognized specialist in this field, has unexpectedly turned out to become a magnet for further upcoming events.

On 16 September, Dr. Lance Setterfield, Canadian dermatologist, offered a crash course on "Dermal Needling" at the Institute of Applied Corneotherapy (IAK) at Leichlingen, during which he presented in theory and practice the skin recovery results achieved through the needling process. The procedure developed by Dr. Desmond Fernandes, medical specialist for plastic surgery at Cape Town (South Africa) has been shown and videotaped on the basis of a complete facial treatment of a test person using a commercial dermal roller.

The event with experts from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Russia and Germany was attended by 25 participants, a number that almost hit the on-site room capacities, and ended with a lively discussion on the potentials of pre- and after-treatments with appropriate corneotherapeutic bases and active agents. The expert discussion still continued during the dinner event at a nearby hotel at Langenfeld.

Parallel to the "Skin Analysis" seminar on 14 and 15 September, corneotherapy courses were held by Dr. Hans Lautenschläger, who already has published a series of articles on corneotherapy in various specialist journals.

Corneotherapy is a rather new field of activity at the borderline of dermatology and skin care. Professor Dr. Albert Kligman, the pioneer of corneotherapy who died in the USA in early 2010, certainly would have been pleased with today's rapid development of corneotherapy which proceeded at a considerably slower pace at its early beginnings. The Institute of Applied Corneotherapy (IAK) at Leichlingen develops preparations as well as treatment procedures in order to get a grip on skin problems without using topical medical drugs that usually involve side effects when applied on a long term base. At the Institute at Leichlingen, Dr. Hans-Ulrich Jabs, physician and biochemist, chairs up to 25 advanced training courses for dermatologists, pharmacists and professional cosmeticians per year.

Dr. Jabs held a lecture on aquaporins on the occasion of the following two day expert brainstorming session (19.-20.9.2011). Only recently this peptide family has been covered in detail in specific articles (Ästhetische Dermatologie mdm 2010 (5), 6-12 as well as 2011 (3), 17-22). A series of social activities for the participants such as a visit of the new Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum at Cologne, a boat tour on the river Rhine and the certainly customary and typical brewery visit preceded the workshop.

The brainstorming session on future developments in corneotherapy chaired by Dr. Lautenschläger hence started with new impetus on the 19 September 2011. In this context, standardized treatment routines, case studies, the discussion on innovative active agents and the potential of new products were covered. There was mutual consent on the establishment of an internationally recognized certificate to be awarded after a substantiated vocational training in order to become a corneotherapist. Since an efficient international network has been established over the past three years which also offers internet training, this option is of general interest. By the end of 2011, Dr. Lautenschläger will publish a 300-page book entitled "Korneotherapie - Bindeglied zwischen Dermatologie und Kosmetik (Corneotherapy - the link between dermatology and cosmetics) (ISBN 978-3-00-035755-8).

Following the successful premiere, the 7-day series of events will presumably be held again in March 2013 in an enhanced context of an "International Symposium on Corneotherapy 2013". Conference language will be English. Details as to the different events will follow in due time.

KOKO Kosmetikvertrieb GmbH at Leichlingen will sponsor the platform for an independent expert panel. KOKO also is sponsor of the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie (GD, Dermopharmaceutical Society) and will report on "Dermal formulations with lamellar bases" on the occasion of the 16th conference of the GD to be held at Berlin from 1 to 3 March 2012. Issues are the composition and specific features, the formulation of submicroscopic systems and dermatological indications. Physiological, lamellar systems like Derma Membrane Structure (DMS), liposomes and biologically degradable nanodispersions based on phosphatidylcholine have proved to be successful agents for corneotherapeutic applications. Due to the strong demand for these systems, the production activities of KOKO at Leichlingen have been continuously growing since October 2010.

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