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20th Anniversary of KOKO

KOKO Kosmetikvertrieb GmbH & Co. KG will celebrate its 20th birthday on 3 August 2014

KOKO Kosmetikvertrieb GmbH & Co. KG develops, manufactures and distributes dermatological cosmetics under the brand name dermaviduals® via beauty institutes and dermatological practices, incl. private clinics with affiliated cosmetic departments, as well as authorized pharmacies.

company buildings  company buildings

Specialized in dermatological cosmetics

KOKO offers a broad range of dermatological cosmetics comprising preparations, additives, skin analysis devices and technical literature:

  • dermaviduals® basic
    15 preparations for the basic skin care and skin care at home
  • dermaviduals® cabinet
    21 preparations for the professional skin treatment
  • dermaviduals® modular
    8 modular creams and gels
    44 active agent concentrates
    software for the modular system (free of charge)
  • dermaviduals® special
    9 preparations for skin protection and problem skin
  • dermaviduals® deco
    20 foundations, liners, powders and lip sticks
  • dermaviduals® miscellaneous
    14 additives for the skin treatment
  • dermaviduals® skin testing
    5 different devices
    7 measuring probes
    product-specific software
  • books
    2 textbooks, self-published
    2 manuals
The products are suitable for all age groups, for normal skin, problem and atrophic skin. KOKO's modular system in large part is based on liposomes, nanodispersions and lamellar creams (Derma Membrane Structure) and allows a skin care customized to the individual needs.


KOKO was founded in Freiburg, Germany, on 3.8.1994. In 2000, after stopovers in Lörrach, Hannover and Pulheim, KOKO finally moved to Leichlingen, a small town situated between Cologne and Dusseldorf at the outskirts of the lovely Bergisches Land.

Since late 1998, Dr. Hans Lautenschläger has been managing director of KOKO Kosmetikvertrieb GmbH & Co. KG.

By modification of the operating agreement in 2011, the object of the company is the development, manufacturing and distribution of all kinds of dermatics and cosmetics.

In 2009, KOKO established the first pilot production. In 2010, 350 m2 of clean room were installed, followed by the filling and packing facilities in 2011, and in 2012 by the full production. Since 2012, KOKO has become a fully independent company starting with development laboratories via production through to the dispatch department.

filling facilities

With its currently 32 permanent employees (early 2014), about 10 temporary employees and meanwhile 2700 m2 of factory area, the company has seen a continuous annual growth in the double digits.

The development department is staffed with 3 graduate chemists (Dr. rer. nat.) and 2 chemists with degrees from the University of Applied Sciences (graduate engineer and Bachelor's degree).

KOKO Kosmetikvertrieb GmbH & Co. KG is represented by partners in 35 countries worldwide. Besides Germany, the chief markets for dermaviduals® products are various countries in Europe and South East Asia, Arab countries and North America. The trademark is registered in 54 countries. The export ratio in terms of quantity is around 70%.

Since 2013, KOKO has offered a skin protection plan for professional associations and company doctors based on its DMS hand cream. The preparation is specifically used in cases where the optimal protection and a quick recovery from dermatitis are required.
KOKO provides one of the most comprehensive internet portals of the cosmetic industry:
  • more than 200 publications and articles in html and pdf format, free of ads
  • the complete patent specifications of KOKO and Dr. Lautenschläger
  • media library and how-to videos
  • charted profiles of all dermaviduals® preparations

KOKO and its managing director, Dr. Hans Lautenschläger, are members and/or sponsors of a number of associations:

  • Industrieverband Körperpflege und Waschmittel e.V. (IKW - Industrial Association for Personal Hygiene and Detergents)
  • Supporting Member of the Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie e.V. (GD - Society for Dermopharmacy)
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft ästhetische Dermatologie und Kosmetologie e.V. (ADK - Association for Esthetic Dermatology and Cosmetology)
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftliche und Angewandte Kosmetik e.V. (DGK - German Association for Scientific and Applied Cosmetics)
  • Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker e.V. (GdCh - Association of German Chemists)
  • International Association for Applied Corneotherapy e.V. (I.A.C.)

KOKO mails three different newsletters:

  • dermaviduals® newsletter - 12 issues per year (monthly)
  • dermaviduals® Global family newsletter - 12 issues per year (monthly)
  • dermaviduals® Global family newsletter incl. I.A.C. bulletin - 6 issues per year

KOKO exchanges ideas and licenses with its global partners via corporate web portal with exclusive access. Worldwide conferences sponsored by KOKO are held on an 18-month cycle. Advanced training sessions for our international professionals as well as common brainstorming sessions are affiliated events. In other words: our partners actively participate in our company policy.

Customers and partners will participate in our celebration

KOKO will celebrate its 20th anniversary in its own individual way. In order to share our anniversary with all our customers, all the orders exceeding 100 Euros and reaching us via phone, mail, e-mail or fax on the following Monday, 4th August, will be awarded with a bonus free of charge - consisting of 2 sets of the 3 most recent preparations. 

Our foreign partners will be invited to the Ambassador Hotel in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) from 17.-19.November to attend the 3rd International Symposium on Corneotherapy 2014.

On the occasion of the anniversary, KOKO will donate 10,000 Euro to the UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency).

KOKO takes this opportunity to thank all its domestic and foreign partners and friends for their commitment and the confidence they maintained over the years. Without their constructive cooperation and their creative ideas KOKO could not be where it is today.

global partners, 2nd International Symposium on Corneotherapy 2013

... and our vision for the future
  • The international networking of corneotherapeutic experts within the I.A.C. currently is our most interesting task.
  • 2014 is characterized by continuing expansion. KOKO will enlarge its factory area from 2,700 m2 to 3,000 m2.
  • dermaviduals® professional trainings are internationally harmonized. Thus participants will meet the accession criteria for the I.A.C.
  • Our development department is fully committed in developing new active agent sera for the skin care in the case of rare skin problems.
Dr. Hans Lautenschläger

 Dr. Hans Lautenschläger, managing director
KOKO Kosmetikvertrieb GmbH & Co. KG

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