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Studies on the efficacy


From skin diagnosis to the prevention of premature skin aging

The development of cosmetic treatment procedures in combination with studies on the efficacy of the products play a major role at KOKO GmbH & Co. KG. In cooperation with Courage & Khazaka (Cologne), a specific skin measuring device together with an appropriate software solution was developed. The recording of subjective parameters like sensory assessment and well-being are additional elements.

Studies on the efficacy of products according to  the general preventive principle of corneotherapy and the idea of preventing of premature skin aging became a topic of general interest.


Applied Corneotherapy
Corneotherapy - current stage of development
Corneotherapy - what is it?
Cosmetic treatments
Indications for nanodispersions
International Association for Applied Corneotherapy
Lamellar preparations
Lamellar systems - application and limitations
Microcosm of modular skin care formulations
Studies on the efficacy
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