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International Association for Applied Corneotherapy - I.A.C.


After the 2nd International Symposium on Corneotherapy 2013 in Germany the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy (I.A.C.) was founded. On Oct 8, 2013 the Association was registered at the district court of Cologne (Germany). The Association aims to make corneotherapy well known, supports studies and cooperation and intends to make corneotherapeutical experience accessible for the public. I.A.C. initiates worldwide conferences. The 3rd International Symposium on Corneotherapy 2014 takes place in Kaohsiung, in the Southern part of Taiwan, on November 17-19, 2014, in connection with the Annual Meeting of the Taiwanese Dermatological Association.

The Association presents its own website:


Applied Corneotherapy
Corneotherapy - current stage of development
Corneotherapy - what is it?
Cosmetic treatments
Indications for nanodispersions
International Association for Applied Corneotherapy
Lamellar preparations
Lamellar systems - application and limitations
Microcosm of modular skin care formulations
Studies on the efficacy
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