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Corneotherapy - what is it?


Corneotherapy is the link between cosmetics and dermatology on a scientific base.

Prof. A. M. Kligman firstly coined the term "corneotherapy". He could show that the persistent corneotherapeutic treatment of the disturbed homeostasis as the characteristic feature of atopic dermatitis with appropriate skin care substances may achieve substantial clinical effects.

Causal application of corneotherapy requires an exact skin diagnosis.

The corneotherapy aims at the recovery of the stratum corneum and above all, it improves the function of the skin barrier and subsequently also the overall homeostasis of the skin. For the purpose of a preventive corneotherapy it is essential to avoid skin care products with harmful substances such as irritants and allergens, to select the appropriate skin care substances, to individually adapt the skin care products to the specific skin problems and possibly change nutritional habits following a corneotherapeutic consultation.

Information on corneotherapeutical topics:

Comprehensive Reviews:

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