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Pastiche "Dermocosmetology Seminar"


Date: From Tuesday, 14.05.2013, to Friday, 17.05.2013, by Florence Barrett-Hill
Venue of the seminar: KOKO headquarters, Leichlingen or any other location
Seminar language: English
Seminar fee: 320 Euro per day plus 19% VAT or 1160 Euro/4 days plus 19% VAT
Overnight stay and dinner: Paid by participants; organized by KOKO on request

Contact: Carolin Giershausen, phone +49(0)2175-16601-14


Agenda and summaries

A series of four one-day Dermocosmetology related seminars: the amalgam of dermatology and cosmetology. These will include the best practice protocols for the identification of skin conditions, assessment of level of damage and prospects for remediation, followed by concepts, treatments and products that demonstrate physiological and aesthetic benefits.
The purpose is to allow participants to gain deeper knowledge of cutaneous damage underlying skin dermatological skin disorders, cosmetological skin conditions, and realistic treatment outcomes.

Day one: Cosmetic chemistry: Linking skin structure and function to product composition
Synopsis: Understanding the lifecycle of a cell and what it requires to function is fundamental to knowing how to interfere or encourage with that cycle; by linking your product composition to cell function. The keratinocyte, melanocyte and fibroblast will be the three cells of discussion.
In addition, preparation of a skin for clinical treatment will be included.

Day two: Keratolytic skin disorders of the epidermis
Synopsis: Outward indications such as keratolytic disorders are a major topic in dermocosmetics, and it is fundamental to understand thoroughly, the underlying cutaneous changes associated with these "site of response" visual appearances. We will also explore the ageing skin which is a multifaceted skin condition of wrinkles, essential fatty acid deficiency, seborrhoeic keratosis and keratolytic disorders such as squamous cell and basal cell carcinoma.

Day three: Corneobiology of the ageing skin cell
Synopsis: Wrinkles are a sign an outward sign of cutaneous ageing appearing preferentially on sun exposed areas (actinic ageing). The will be increased by various intrinsic (Age, hereditary, genetic, hormonal pathological) or extrinsic factors (UVR, environment, hygrometry, oxidative stress).
Using the knowledge of skin structure and function, skin analysis techniques and histology slides, this lecture will give a broader understanding of the challenges of treating the ageing skin.

Day four: Clinical solutions and treatment modalities
Synopsis: Cellular age will dictate the success of the final choice of modality and treatment effectiveness. When this is understood, and linked back to the cosmetic chemistry learned on day one, the importance of linking skin structure and function becomes more apparent in everything the therapist does to treat skin. Realistic, successful outcomes are the measure of a therapist's knowledge and skill.
A discussion of popular and effective modalities will be moderated by experts in the field of Photo modulation, Radiotherapy, Dermal needling, Iontophoresis and sonophoresis, and includes the use of modern skin diagnostic equipment to establish base line and provide progressive data.


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