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Welcome to dermaviduals® -  physiological skin care and cosmetics!

The number of people with problem skin is constantly on the increase. They need a well-funded and dermatology-oriented professional advice and above all a skin care concept which is adjusted to the individual skin condition.

The name dermaviduals® stands for products which support a preventive care to avoid problem skin on the one hand and are able to provide the adequate care for already existing problem skin and also significantly improve its condition. dermaviduals® products are also highly recommended for the care of normal and young skin. They optimally maintain the natural skin barrier and prevent the premature skin aging process.

dermaviduals® are free of emulsifiers, preservatives, perfume, mineral oils, silicones, dyes and amines. Tenside containing cleansing products are specifically indicated.
Regarding their chemical and physical composition dermaviduals® products with DMS® (Derma Membrane Structure) resemble the membrane structure of the natural skin barrier and thus correspond to the principles of corneotherapy i.e. the physiological criteria to maintain a healthy skin.

dermaviduals® products are available in dermatological practices with affiliated cosmetic division as well as in beauty institutes and authorized pharmacies. We will be glad to supply a list of addresses upon request.

dermaviduals® are available worldwide. Most of the products are protected by patent.

If you have general questions with regard to skin diagnosis, skin care applications for the skin with susceptibility to acne, atopic skin, erythema as well as cornification and barrier disorders please refer to our numerous publications in the trade press. You are also welcome to download the articles as html or pdf format (recommended) from our websites. Questions via mail or phone are also appreciated. We are happy to provide personal advice at our headquarters at Leichlingen.

We also like to emphasize that besides the large variety of finished products our product concept also allows to individually adapt creams, masks, packs, lotions as well as massage and ultrasound media with active agent concentrates to the specific skin conditions. This enables the beauty institutes to practically treat any type of skin condition with a few products only.

Studies on the practical use of the products have been carried out on national and international level. Dermatological practices and institutes will be provided with a detailed documentation of several hundred pages (handbook). A multitude of training courses is offered for the professional staff.

Your dermaviduals®-team

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topical subjects

Oleogels act like rich W/O emulsions however are non-aqueous and hence free of counterproductive and irritant cosmetic additives. Other than the related lipogels such as milking grease (petrolatum) and W/O ointment bases such as DAC with vaseline and mineral oils as basic ingredients, today's oleogels are not occlusive and penetrate relatively fast into the skin due to new technology, use of base...

Particularly older people frequently develop dry skin patches on elbows. Associated with the symptom also is an increase of skin thickness. There are different causes of the condition. One of it certainly is related to working at the computer with the elbows resting on the desk so that the continuous mechanical pressure leads to callus-like thickening. At the same time the skin surface degreases...

Ziegler's library on formulations (Ziegler Rezepturbibliothek®) added base cream DVL-P formulations
In November 2018, more than 60 new formulation specifications have been added to the ZRB library (Ziegler's library on formulations) published within the Dr. Lennartz laboratory programme for...

The patent application DE 10 2017 002 125 A1, titled "Kosmetische Zusammensetzung" (cosmetic composition), was published by the German Patent and Trademark Office in Munich on September 13, 2018. The...

Hormones have direct impact on the skin. Individual, age-dependent processes but also long-term and temporary alterations come into play.

The German Cosmetic Directive (KVO) ensures that the use of cosmetic products is non-hazardous to the health of consumers. As with any other legal regulations there are grey areas that we should know.

An important topic for advice particularly during warm seasons is how to deal with radiation. Drug interaction or an overdose of sunlight can take a toll on the skin of customers. You are asked for advice!

No matter whether dark or light skin - our skin colour is genetically determined. However there are other factors too that influence the complexion such as UV radiation or cosmetics.

If the question "Are there any studies on an active agent or a preparation" can be answered with „yes", you can be sure that science is involved and that there is an objective certificate for the truth content of an issue. However, can we really rely on it?

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