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  Corneometer® CM 825
to measure skin hydration

An adequate moisture content of the stratum corneum is essential for a well functioning skin barrier. Only an intact NMF (natural moisturizing factor) provides an effective scavenging function against radicals and nitrogen oxides penetrating from the outside, and consequently protects the skin against premature skin aging. Hence the moisture content is the most important parameter of skin diagnosis and measured with the Corneometer®. The analysis of the moisture retention capacity of the skin is easy to perform, based on the dielectric constant of the water and measured in the superficial layers of the stratum corneum as deep as 10-20 µm to ensure that the measurement is not influenced by capillary blood vessels.



Corneometer® CM 825

Corneometer® CM 825 

For general information on skin diagnosis please refer to the following publications:

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