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Special actives - water

Water – more than just wet
An old saying goes where there is water, there is life. During evolution the first forms of life developed in water. They adapted to the different water conditions.
Thermal springs – an overview on thermal waters
Thermal springs are attractive destinations for people. Heat and the dissolved minerals and gases determine the physiological properties and hence the effects on health and personal wellbeing.
The water balance in our skin: moisturizers & Co.
The term moisturizing cream has different meanings according to whether we are in the English-speaking world or the German-speaking part. Two terms are essential in this context: moisturizers and emollients. Information on common features and on the way how they influence the water balance of the skin is provided in the following.
Moisturizers for the skin care
The term moisturizer generally stands for moisturizing creams. The present overview will inform on components that influence the skin hydration.
Water and water - just not the same things: water qualities
When discussing active agents in cosmetics, very often the most important one is ignored: water! Professor Albert M. Kligman even speaks of "water dermatology" as an essential element of corneotherapy. In fact the quality of the water significantly influences the skin condition in a positive as well as in a negative way.
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