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Special actives - boswellia

Frankincense - the resin with healing power
Frankincense ("Boswellia") has become rather important in various cultures and religions: the resilience of the tree growing in the Asian and African semi deserts is legendary and the tribal knowledge on the mystic and healing powers of its resin fills entire libraries. Today's science still appreciates its specific properties. What is it that makes frankincense so valuable?
Elastase - the target of a novel anti-aging strategy to defy skin aging, loss of skin elasticity and wrinkle formation
In the skin, the epidermal stem cells are responsible for the formation and regeneration of all the different cells in the epidermis. Since the skin progressively differentiates and regenerates, the epidermal stem cells are the most important skin cells in charge of the epidermal homeostasis, of the regeneration of the elastin and collagen fibres as well as the regeneration of the skin barrier. With aging, the number of epidermal stem cells decreases and accordingly also the capacity of the skin to regenerate with the consequence that barrier disorders develop, hydration and elasticity of the skin are reduced and wrinkles will form. The skin elasticity is influenced by the quality and quantity of elastin and collagen fibrils.
Treatment of actinic keratoses with a new olibanum extract
Millions of vacationers deliberately expose themselves to excessive UV radiation. As a result, the risk of UV-related skin damage is rapidly increasing. Sun worshippers thus have to expect an increased risk for actinic keratoses (a carcinoma in situ). Most recent estimates prove that about 8 million Germans suffer from actinic keratoses. There is an estimated prevalence of about 15 percent among individuals over 40 and one out of two of the persons over 60 is affected with such skin lesions.
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