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Special actives - anti-wrinkle agents

Hot and spicy - paracress, chillies, mustard and Co.
Nutrition and skin complexion are inextricably linked to each other. From time immemorial a multitude of food components have been applied directly onto the skin. That holds true for vitamins, lipids and a variety of other endogenous and herbal substances. However, who would have thought that cosmetic and dermatological treatments can be enhanced with pungent substances?
A focus on nerves - on intended and adverse effects
In our private and professional life, we come across quite a few things that literally get on our nerves and also under our skin in the true sense of the word. We feel how we break into perspiration, how we blush or turn pale. Also cosmetic products have an effect on our nerves.
No crinkle-look - an arsenal of anti-wrinkle agents at choice
There may be regrets though that those characteristic faces furrowed with wrinkles and deep lines are less common today. However, media and commercials talk us into a concept of beauty that lays emphasis on smooth skin. What can you do to preserve the skin smooth and supple?
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