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Skin protection - oleogels

Intimate care - sensible & gentle
For quite some time now, the discussions around the microbiome of the skin also have reached the intimate body areas. It has become apparent that body hygiene and body care are not only advantageous but also can be counterproductive to some extent. Men and women alike should know about the details that matter.
Advantages of products without water and cosmetic additives
Water is an essential substance to maintain skin hydration and elasticity. However, there are also water-free products on the market. Why is that? When are they used and what are the benefits?
Oleogels - what non-aqueous products can accomplish
Today's skin care products mainly are emulsion-based which means that they contain water and an oil respectively lipid phase. In addition there are still products with only an oil phase. Oils but also oleogels belong to this group. They are primarily recommended for problem skins and therefore used in the dermatological cosmetics.
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