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Scleroderma - the adequate skin care


Scleroderma - to put it simply - is a progressive hardening of the connective tissue. 

The causes have not been identified yet. The collagen fibers, among other things, are involved in the changes of the cutaneous connective tissue. Besides the sclerotising collagen also its excess formation has been discussed in this context. The care of this type of problem skin focuses on:

  • supporting the skin recovery with vitamin A and vitamin A palmitate
  • preventing inflammatory processes with boswellia acids (frankincence), gamma linolenic acid (evening primrose oil), alpha linolenic acid (omega 3 fatty acids, linseed oil)
  • supporting the micro circulation with caffeine (green tea extract) and
  • nurturing oedematous skin with echinacea extract, butcher's broom extract.

Information provided in this context is based on empirical values and does not claim to apply for all scleroderma cases. Hence it is recommended to adjust the skin care to the specific therapy of the dermatologist.

Dr. Hans Lautenschläger

Please note: The contribution is based on the state of the art at the revision date.

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