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I have extremely dry skin and I have already tried every possible remedy. What can I do?


Today the phenomenon of dry skin occurs more frequently than in recent years. 

As neither the basic structure of individuals of the same age nor the basic structure of their skin changes over the years or decades, the question arises what kind of external influence could be responsible here. Experts agree that today's skin care habits play a significant role in this case. In this context, specific focus should be laid on the composition of the products used:

  • Mineral oils (the most frequent components besides water), vaseline and mineral waxes leave a very pleasant and smooth feeling on the skin, their long term use however will slow down the natural recovery functions of the skin.
  • Emulsifiers are additives with the very useful characteristics of combining lipid substances and water into a cream and transporting them into the skin. On the other hand they also show the disadvantage of washing cream components and natural protective substances out of the skin. Consequently, frequent washing will soon lead to dry skin conditions.

Both effects will create the feeling that the skin cannot do without a skin care cream (and plenty of it!). As a matter of fact, the skin has become dependent on this kind of skin care. Like any other addiction, it takes a long time to get over with it. The situation can be compared with an untrained body that has to be gingered up again.
Conclusion: A change to emulsifier free skin care with natural lipid substances will have a lasting stimulating effect on metabolic processes and skin recovery. Even if the cream has been forgotten the skin will not feel dry immediately.

Dr. Hans Lautenschläger

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