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Dermatologically tested - what does it mean?


„Dermatologically tested" means that a dermatologist has been in charge of the product tolerance tests that were carried out with voluntary test persons. 

However it does not provide any information regarding the way of testing, the amount of the product applied and how often on which specific body parts of the test persons, neither does it give any data regarding the results. It may even be possible that part of the test persons could not tolerate the product at all. The label „dermatologically tested" without further details has no practical value though and does not inform on the efficacy of the preparation. It is however possible to ask the manufacturer for details on the test design and the results.
By the way: every product on the market is dermatologically tested with or without statement printed on the container or label. According to the Cosmetic Decree (KVO) tolerance tests are a significant basis for the safety assessment of cosmetic products besides the declaration of the toxicological data of the ingredients. The label „dermatologically tested" only gives a false sense of safety which then in the particular case may not exist.

Dr. Hans Lautenschläger

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