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What is the best care for my skin after sunburn?


Whenever the individual threshold dosage is exceeded the UV radiation of the sun causes erythema. 

Symptoms are ranging from minor reddening to a distinct sunburn. There are several skin care therapies which have proved successful such as active agents with echinacea extract and D-panthenol, which both quickly show positive results. The combination with a liposomal concentrate has synergetic effects as the phosphatidylcholine contained has additional anti-inflammatory effects because of the linoleic acid and choline contents. Also evening primrose oil and linseed oil encapsulated in phosphatidylcholine-containing nanoparticles act anti-inflammatory due to the high dosage of gamma respectively alpha linolenic acid. The application of an aloe vera product in form of a surface film protects the skin and provides cooling effects.
As skin with erythema symptoms also is extremely permeable, a fact which also applies for a barrier-damaged horny layer, preservatives and perfumes are contraindicated for individuals with sensitive skin.

Dr. Hans Lautenschläger

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