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Products - cosmeceuticals

The seeming and the real - What really works: Cosmeceuticals, Placebos & Co.
The supply of products and promises are booming in the anti-aging beauty care. Not only consumers but also professionals have a hard time staying on top of things. In the following you will find a summary on reliable but also dispensable substances.
Cosmeceuticals - phospholipids
When it comes to cosmeceuticals, often the classics prove to be the highly efficient products and not the new substances freshly out of the retort. Besides vitamins and essential fatty acids, also the phospholipids rank among the classics.
Highly effective - Cosmeceuticals
When can we or should we speak of cosmeceuticals or to put it another way, cosmetic ingredients with pharmaceutical effects? Cosmetologists and lawyers assiduously discuss the matter. Read more on the respective criteria and on the substances and applications that act as the model for cosmeceuticals.
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