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Skin and skin care – physiology and chemistry in balance? *)
No chemical, only natural or biologically grown ingredients – this is a very popular attitude to skin care products today. The molecular facts behind are far more complicated when addressing the details. Actually a very interesting topic for chemical scientists and the following outline of this multidisciplinary field will show why.
From creams to tonics - an overview on different types of applications
The supply of cosmetic products on the market is endless. It is difficult to keep track of the immense range of preparations - even for professionals. In addition to the different formulations there also is a large variety of types of application with all their advantages and disadvantages. The following overview shows which type of product is best suited for which purpose.
Powders, gels, creams & sticks - Routes of administration
Cosmetic products often have rather imaginative names and sometimes even propose riddles to the consumers. In other words, a so-called gel may prove to be no gel at all in the technological sense of the term. The main characteristics of the different routes of administration are described in the following.
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