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Problem skin - sunburn

Quantum of sun - prevention & recovery of photodamaged skin 
A moderate amount of sunlight stimulates organism and mind in many ways. Sunlight in higher dosage causes premature skin aging and still more of it will induce photodamages. The tightrope walk now consists in benefitting from the positive effects for our health while avoiding premature skin aging and serious damages to our skin.
Too much radiation? Various causes of photodamages
An important topic for advice particularly during warm seasons is how to deal with radiation. Drug interaction or an overdose of sunlight can take a toll on the skin of customers. You are asked for advice!
Shady sides - manifestations of light dermatoses
Besides the well-known sun burns, sunlight also can trigger very annoying light dermatoses. Food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic ingredients are potential influencing factors. Sometimes even preventive measures and medicine are of little help, all the more important is an adequate skin care.
Photodamaged skin: sun-bathing and after sun care
Overexposure to UV radiation causes serious long-term skin damage, premature skin aging and may even trigger skin cancer. Even if the infrared light of the sun seems harmless though, it may build up extremely high temperatures in the outermost skin layers and as a consequence also lead to premature skin aging.
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