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Problem skin - rosacea

Rosacea: use of skin care boosters – prevention and therapy
The treatment of rosacea is an excellent example for the interaction of medical therapy and cosmetic prevention but also for the possibilities cosmeticians have at their disposal with purposefully adapted cosmetic measures aimed at minimizing or even superseding medical interventions.
Microorganisms - in and around our body
The daily struggle against microorganisms goes on but the fact is that we can't do without them. Their busy and invisible work for our well-being passes unnoticeable however their bad behaviour provides headlines, stress and high body temperature. There is talk of bacteria yeasts and fungi.
Chain reaction - skin enzymes and enzyme defects
The human metabolism is a finely tuned system operated and maintained in balance by various chemical reactions. Enzymes are the facilitators that catalyse the individual reactions. Defects and mutations cause dysregulations which also have consequences for the skin.
Approved skin lightener - tranexamic acid is effective against pigmented spots and redness
In the medical field, tranexamic acid is a reliable haemostatic agent during surgery and in the case of accidental injuries. In medical cosmetics, tranexamic acid is used for skin treatments: already small amounts can bleach pigmented spots and reduce redness - also in combination with instrument-based techniques.
Corneotherapeutic skin care for the rosacea skin
Rosacea predominantly affects fair-skinned people and develops in adult age. Characteristic symptoms are erythema, changes of the superficial blood vessels and connective tissue as well as enlarged sebum follicles. Frequently there are also oedema and pustules to observe. In addition, there is a whole variety of special forms of rosacea.
Couperosis - a field for active agent concentrates
Couperosis - a complicated cosmetic topic: quite a few questions regarding its origin and treatment are still waiting for an answer. Just like other problem skins also couperosis demands for a thoroughly balanced skin care. Particularly in the field of supporting prevention skin care plays a significant role and all the more if the skin is susceptible to couperosis or if there is a family history of couperosis cases.
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