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Problem skin - regeneration

Repairing the barrier - on active agents and active agent systems to support the skin regeneration
For a long time, the term skin regeneration has been used with reserve only since it insinuates a healing effect that legally is not allowed for advertising purposes. In the final analysis, the term "regeneration" originates from medicine and resumes, in a nutshell, the regenerating cell biological processes.
Regeneration - the potentials of cosmetic products
In general usage, the term regeneration already is more or less identified with a magic formula against skin aging. Accordingly, there is a large variety of different prescriptions in form of products and treatments on the market. Quite evidently, the aging process of the skin cannot be stopped; however, prevention may contribute to alleviate its symptoms.
Regeneration of the skin barrier
The objective of regenerating the skin is just as old as cosmetic itself. The decorative cosmetic shows how we would like to look after the regeneration. The caring cosmetic with the active agents at its disposal tries to support the regeneration to revitalize, soothe and protect the neglected, elderly and damaged skin.
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