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Problem skin - puberty

Hormones control puberty, pregnancy and menopause - can we control their impact?
Hormones have direct impact on the skin. Individual, age-dependent processes but also long-term and temporary alterations come into play.
Skin & hormones
INTERVIEW - We (Beauty Forum) asked Dr. Hans Lautenschläger to explain how hormones influence the skin and what kind of skin care you could apply in the case of hormone-induced skin conditions. The scientist gives an insight into the use and effects of hormonally active substances and the reactions they trigger in the body.
Skin care for the adolescent skin
During adolescence teenagers increasingly pay attention to their outer appearance and frequently take a look in the mirror. Blemished skin often becomes a problem. Acne, perspiration etc. wreck their nerves. What can be done when the skin goes haywire, particularly at this time when everyone is focused on impressing the opposite sex?
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