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Liposomes are invisible spherical bodies similar to biological cells. Like the natural cell membranes of plants and animals, liposomes consist of a so-called bilayer with phosphatidylcholine as its natural main component. The bilayers of liposomes are very similar to the different layers of the skin barrier. Thus, liposomes merge easily with those barrier layers. Consequently, the penetration capacity of the skin for cosmetic and dermatologically active substances is improved. Water soluble active agents transported with the help of liposomes spread easily on the skin, where they act as depots and frequently show higher effectiveness. Additionally, those active agents, which are not encapsulated, but simultaneously applied with liposomes, generally are more effective.
Even empty liposomes, i.e. liposomes not containing encapsulated active agents are a highly effective active agent for blemished skin, minor forms of acne, scaly skin and malfunctions of the horny layer caused by deficiency of essential fatty acids, e.g. linoleic acid.

Anti wrinkle serum
Para cress extract causes a visible smoothing effect
Caffeine liposomes
Skin care for stimulation of microcirculation and mobilisation of lipids
Complexion skin care liposomes Plus
For even complexion and care of reddened skin
EGCG liposomes
Intense renewal serum
Eyebright liposome serum
Revitalising care of sensitive skin areas
Grape seed extract
Liposomal serum for the prevention of premature skin aging
Hyaluronan-NAG Liposomes
Sustainable face and skin care
Hyaluronic acid liposomes Plus
For effective skin care of the face and the eye area
Kigelia liposome concentrate
Care of sensitive and delicate skin.
Laminaria digitata liposome serum
for skin protection and moisturizing
Liposome concentrate Plus
For intensive care of blemished and rosacea prone skin
Liposome NMF complex
Care of blemished as well as dehydrated skin
Vitamin B liposome concentrate
for care of blemished skin
Vitamin C liposome concentrate
Skin protection & support of collagen formation
Whitening concentrate
For prevention of skin hyperpigmentation
Zinc liposome serum
for supportive prevention and care of blemished skin
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